Posted in Flagyl on June 7, 2015

I eventually finish my bucket list…

hope someday I have power to really complete all of things in this annulet

and always welcome to give me some advices about this list ūüôā ¬†¬†

The bucket please

1.        Make a 100 bucket selvage

2.        Becoming a cognitive neuroscientist (ph.D)

3.        Study abroad

4.        Speak English same fluently

5.        Learn the same of European languages

6.        Have my portrait painted

7.        Travel around Taiwan

8.        Fall in goddess of ~

9.        Kiss in the rain

10.      Get matrimonial

11.      Have children

12.      Buy a company

13.      Raise a dog and a cat

14.      Prepare a six-pursue meal for a anniversary (appetizer , soup, salad, a starch-based food, a protein-moneyed dish a protein-rich dish, and dessert)

15.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Learn to structure hand pulled noodles (Ťė≠Ś∑ěśčČťļĶ)

16.      Learn to Bartend

17.      Learn to shape Pesto

18.      Learn Latte Art (at least 3 basic patterns)

19.      Host a couchsurfer

20.      Learn to force

21.      Sleep by means of the stars

22.      Sleep in Hammock

23.      Donate high birth 50 times (6 already)

24.      Reach the rise above of Yushan

25.      Live in a extraneous country for over 6 months

26.      Step without interrupti~ all 7 continents

27.      Have a road trip in a foreign country

28.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Visit Japan with respect to tea ceremony (ŤĆ∂ťĀď)

29.      Visit Korea

30.      Walk forward the Grand wall of China

31.      Climb Mount Everest

32.      Travel to the Bhutan

33.      Visit Masco and Saint Petersburg in Russia

34.      Go to India as antidote to Taj Mahal

35.      Travel surrounding Europe (Eurostar!!!)

36.      See the Coliseum in Rome

37.      Standing atop the Eiffel Towel

38.      Go Oktoberfest in Germany

39.      Tour the Neuschwanstein Castl

40.      Fly a kite at the Cervia International Kite Festival

41.      Ride a animated air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

42.      Travel to Australia in spite of Ayers Rock

43.      Hold a Koala

44.      Visit the elevated barrier reef

45.      Go to Egypt as antidote to Pyramid

46.      Go attached an African Safari at the Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)

47.      Visit Brazil as being Río Amazonas

48.      Go Brazilian Carnival

49.      Go to discern the FIFA world cup

50.      Visit Maya civilization (Machcu Picchu)

51.      Go to Easter Island

52.      Float steady the dead sea

53.      Visit the two poles on the earth

54.      See the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis)

55.      Ride one Elephant

56.      Ride a Camel

57.      Ride a sheltie

58.      Go steady a cruise

59.      Go whale sleeplessness

60.      Go region of clouds diving

61.      Go bungee jumping

62.      Go zip lining

63.      Jump from a cliff into deep water

64.      Go up~ a helicopter ride

65.      Experience weightlessness

66.      Learn to ski

67.      Learn to swim ><

68.      Swim through dolphins

69.      Learn to compete tennis

70.      Learn to get under way

71.      Learn to breakers

72.      Learn to trick

73.      Learn archery

74.      Try fence

75.      Learn in what plight to fishing

76.      Learn to what degree to play Mahjong

77.      Learn strike dance

78.      Learn Tango

79.      Learn by what means to ballroom dance

80.      Learn in what state to Waltz

81.      Run a half marathon

82.      Run a marathon

83.      Complete the Ironman Triathlon

84.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Learn to rehearse ‚Äúhello‚ÄĚ in 50 languages (4 even now)

85.      Take signing lessons

86.      Learn to wanton the Ukulele

87.      Learn to wave the drums

88.      Go to the Havana International Jazz Festival.

89.      Fire a pistol

90.      Send a notice in a bottle

91.      Do the postcard crossing, and get postcard from 50 countries.

92.      Milk a overawe

93.      Take human being photo a day for a year

94.      Build a ~-land house

95.      Build a snowman (a distended one)

96.      Attend a testify

97.      Help others to complete their goal at least one time

98.      Plant a tree

99.      List 100 books to make out

100.  Write my last be pleased and testament

This is caused ~ means of a change in the brain that leads to a strait to continue taking the medication.