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Spam… WTF? up~? This is my first foray into blogs/websites and with equal rea~n I dutifully await messages from canaille – which is extremely rare. But that’s ok, it’s not like I’m destitute or anything…  Anyway, that which do I get? Messages like this:

Hi there, after reading this awesome post i am
likewise cheerful to share my familiarity here with mates.

And his/her suffusion adress is usually linked to Oakley, Kors, Nike, or Flagyl. Really? First of every one of, I can’t believe Michael Kors is needs to spam. I mean seriously, the subject has AMAZING shoes, purses, and attire. Love him! Oakley? Well, the sunglasses are fab without interrupti~ their own and honestly I count more desirable them over gayban, I mean one more competitor. Flagyl… well, I bear no idea. I mean if you distress it, you need it -right? It’s like speech you have to advertise for penicillan. Pretty a great quantity, if you need it – you breed it. I suppose if you are in each industry where you need a paltry supply of flagyl, you may craving to purchase online. Still, would you corrupt flagyl from the website link of the romanza writer? I think not…

So – please draw up me, because otherwise I have to follow up through phenomenal prose from spammers and astonishment why they think I might strait flagyl. And… Mr. Kors, I attachment you and am a devotee of Project Runway. Not fast why you’re linked to spam however.

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