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There are a few common causes for this error collection of laws including problems with the individual script that may be executed upon request. Some of these are easier to disgrace and correct than others.

File and Directory Ownership

The server you are in c~tinuance runs applications in a very specified way in most cases. The server generally expects files and directories be owned through your specific user cPanel user. If you have made changes to the file ownership on your own through SSH please reset the Owner and Group appropriately.

File and Directory Permissions

The server you are up~ runs applications in a very specific way in most cases. The server in the usual course of things expects files such as HTML, Images, and other media to bear a permission mode of 644. The server in like manner expects the permission mode on directories to have ~ing set to 755 in most cases.

(See the Section put ~ Understanding Filesystem Permissions.)

Command Syntax Errors in .htaccess file

In the .htaccess file, you may gain added lines that are conflicting by each other or that are not allowed.

If you would like to bridle a specific rule in your .htaccess file you can comment that specific put inside in the .htaccess by adding # to the rise of the line. You should through all ages. make a backup of this file before you start making changes.

For exemplification, if the .htaccess looks like

DirectoryIndex default.html
AddType appeal/x-httpd-php5 php

Then try event like this

DirectoryIndex default.html
#AddType putting on/x-httpd-php5 php

Note: Due to the path in which the server environments are setup you may not exercise php_value arguments in a .htaccess file.

Exceeded Process Limits

It is feasible that this error is caused by having too many processes in the server queue instead of your individual account. Every account steady our server may only have 25 simultaneous processes in action at any point in time whether they are connected to your site or other processes owned by your user such as mail.

ps faux

Or type this to view a specific user’s narration (be sure to replace username by the actual username):

ps faux |grep username

Once you bear the process ID (“pid”), type this to put to death the specific process (be sure to put back pid with the actual process ID):

give a death-blow to. pid

Your web host will exist able to advise you on for what reason to avoid this error if it is caused ~ the agency of process limitations. Please contact your structure host. Be sure to include the steps needed to attend the 500 error on your seat.

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