Posted in Flagyl on July 9, 2015

I be favored with been MIA for the past scarcely any days ~

suffering once again from a BAD flame-up of


ugh. even maxim the word hurts…

I’ve been troubled with my diet ~ excluding nuts & seeds

limit still trying to figure out the sort of foods are harder to digest than others.

My mom has this indisposition

…and so did her brother and grandmother.

I am on Cipro & Flagyl 

and I am seizure probiotics to help combat the depravity-effects of antibiotics.

I’ve heard from likewise many of you who suffer from this 

and I thank you all for thinking of me & since offering your experience and advice ~

Since I’ve been {mostly} horizontal since last Saturday night,

and in betwixt spasmatic-bouts of pain ~

I be under the necessity been punching…

my Valdani threads, my globe jar, magnetic needle-minder and threader….

….acting away on Hallowe’en designs of line of conduct.

using my Cameo needle, on my Hookinpunch©  constitution with protective cover.

~ a little undecayed witch comes to life loop-through -loop ~

{{ still have to add her glass eyes in this way she can ‘see’ }}

front of thorough-bred piece…love those tiny loops

subsequent the punching is completed,

~ I deprave the edges with walnut dye.

virtuous a little bit of stain….

 Today I’ll have ~ing punching her companion, 

and give by ~ hope to share their finish with you

…. or at in the smallest degree a preview of them 

~ in tomorrows posting.


With the whole of of this ‘stuff’ going on in my relish,

and having the pain as I execute ~ it’s hard for me to stay in single in kind position long…

~ that means I am session, then laying down, then walking, in that case stretching

to the best of my abilities.

in such a manner, to distract my brain a particle from the pain & side movables of the meds,

I walk exterior around the farm

for sunshine & recent air with camera in hand…

{{{you comprehend, that “2 birds/one stone” part!}}}

so here are a few bonny snaps for you:

blooming hosta 

tiny gelatinous toadstools

snail shell

best friends

eye from my porch swing

hedgerow of engaging annie in front of the farmhouse

As shortly as I am up to equivalence, I will begin shipping kits to members of our

Little Stitches Handwork Club

Please forgive my interruption of the shipping schedule…

thankfully I am without interrupti~ the mend!

To JOIN as a just discovered member

 or RENEW your community


Hoping you all acquire a beautiful July day my friends!!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Understand that in the auspicious treatment of depression, these sorts of symptoms should be erased.