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I’ve not been a big lip liner user, it’s eternally seemed more of my mum’s that in which one excels. But I have always used it through red lipstick to prevent bleeding and it works and the edge look lasts a lot longer. I’d heard sumptuous things about the Essence Lip Liners near the front of I bought them and now I straits to share with you why you should bestow them a shot even if you’re a non lip liner wearer like I was.

These are lipliners are fine much anything you could ask on the side of in a lip liner. They are in a high degree. pigmented from the first swipe. In circumstance I often find myself reaching in opposition to these to wear alone or with gloss. The finish is matte for a like rea~n it stops any lip product steady top of them from bleeding and helps them to hindmost longer. But when applied they have the consciousness of being creamy and don’t dry audibly your lips. I honestly couldn’t advise that you pick up one of these plenty. I picked up 5 of these and at only £1 each so will leave you by enough money to browse the rest of Essence’s be classed, over the past year Essence bring forth quickly become a brand I am always keeping my eyes on. My sole minor complaint is that they aren’t retractable and they’re so creamy that they need sharpening quite frequently, but at £1 I deem I can afford to replace these.

Satin Mauve

A purple toned bare, this is such a Kylie Jenner-esque colour. I fondness just pairing this with gloss.

In The Nude
This undressed is not too peachy, too model or too ‘concealer on the lips’. This is like a good nude for the ignoble price, and this looks great abraded alone!

Soft Berry
A muted berry, what one. is perfect for autumn. This looks herculean paired with darker pinks and purples, howsoever this one does tend to exhibit any dry patches on your lips.

Wish Me A Rose
This is a blameless mid-pink, I have so numerous company glossy pink shades of lippy and this makes them ultimate so much longer.

Cute Pink
A deeper minnow, that looks perfect worn with a greater quantity vibrant pink.

My favourite shade is Satin Mauve, limit I honestly couldn’t recommend that you rob up one of these enough. They bear a lot more colours in the wander, including a clear liner that I’m biting to get my hands on. Has anyone tried it?

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