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I upright finished abortion, is made of microtubules, to what extent should treat women

Health Advisory Description: I complete the 17th abortion is isolated microtubules sunlight I have bacterial vaginitis how to enjoyment moderate cervicitis . . . ?

Condition analysis :
Bacterial vaginitis metronidazole tablets , on that account you can eat anti-inflammatory manipulation to try. More rest
Guidance :
Cervicitis , soon afterward you can eat Kanggongyan Tablet. Do not chew and swallow spicy food
2015-06-29 20:08 The teacher replies :
This is the case of nuncupative administration can be. Do not consume spicy food is good
2015-06-30 12:58 The instructor replies :
You can look at the therapeutic effect after two weeks of medication . Pay observation to personal hygiene
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