Posted in Flagyl on July 4, 2015

Was wondering admitting that anyone might be able to indicate some help.    My Jack Russell became extremely lethargic about 3-4 months ago.   It was relatively unceremonious but not exactly overnight.

Her symptoms:   extremely lethargic, confusion/disorientation, suddenly pooping/urinating ANYWHERE (that is extremely odd for her), insufficiency of coordination and much lower physical activity.

Vet treatment:  Blood exhibition shows very high ALT (837), best fruits coat, good teeth, ultrasound was natural/unremarkable.   Vet prescribed Metronidazole and Denamarin through no change after 1 month.  

I’ve switched to a abject protein, mature dog food (Hill’s Science Diet Mature Dog towards small breed) about 3 weeks ~ne but there’s been no change.

Any suggestions?  The vet is commonly suggesting a wait & see come near – we’re both thinking the dog may accept eaten something it shouldn’t consider and has suffered liver damage.

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