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Rxn chemicals are most important manufacturer of METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,G Impurity. It is keen with data and is confirmed by RT, RRT and RF.

Rxn Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,G Impurity,




We are manufacturer and supplier of every one of METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,G Impurity, impurities which is to be isolated by antecedently necessary HPLC and Lyophillized.

Rxn chemicals are the manufacturer and supplier of certified looseness. We are manufacturer and supplier of all  Impurities that are acceptable to all regulatory agencies in the universe, US-FDA, MHRA, MCC, WHO, Brazil, Japan.We are pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier of altogether METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,G indecency which are used for ANDA filing/DMF filing. We are manufacturer and supplier of aggregate impurity of METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,G Impurity  shall be used for genotoxic study and pharmacological studies

We are be eminent 10 manufacturers and supplier of METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,GImpurity  with characterization data along with Certificate of resolution

Rxn chemicals are a manufacturer and supplier of completely METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,GImpurity  USP, EP, BP dispensatory impurity. We are manufacturer and supplier of the whole of impurity of METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,GImpurity  in the same proportion that per pharmacopoeia RRT.

Rxn chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of uninvestigated impurity of METRONIDAZOLE IMPURITY F,B,C,D,E,GImpurity  with structure elucidation with help of C NMR, H NMR, MASS, CHN, HPLC facts.


    We are in addition specialized in isolation, identification and synthesis of impurities found in stability testing of drugs. 

1. Impurity isolation from API by Preparative HPLC.
2. Synthesis of Impurities &Metabolite. 

RXN provides tot~y services like Pharmaceutical Impurity supplier, Pharmaceutical Impurity Manufacturer, indecency standards, metabolites, Drug intermediates, Rxn moreover provides Isotope labeled, Isotope labeled internal standard, Isotope labeled reference standard, stable isotope labeled, metabolites, reference standards, deuterated compounds, allusion materials and deuterium labeled compound. RXN is World’s capital supplier of Certified Analytical Reference Standards.

We are into send abroad business from past one decade, exporting consignments to countries like Canada, USA, and Europe, CIS countries, Middle East and Asian countries.

Recently RXN has entered into APIs manufacturing having position of the art facility, which is CGMP submissive, at Bangalore.







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