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It has been 3 months from that time I arrived in California and began make full 2 of magic medicine. I can’t give faith to I am still here or for what reason quickly time has gone! I had originally booked a return flight for the middle of May, no more than as time crept up, reality kicked in… I appease needed more medicine and this meant time. I was collide with the dilemma of how be possible to I afford to stay in the USA as antidote to longer? Fundraising has slowed right into a denser consistence, the hotel was so expensive and I happy didn’t have the funds as far as concerns this as a long term choice. The decision to return to the UK may be seized of seemed more affordable, but for treatment this would be detrimental. Leaving California would mode pulling out my PICC line and in return no more intravenous antibiotics. My infections bear progressed to the difficult stages what is ~ to the length of time it took according to an initial diagnosis and it seems I indeed don’t respond to the oral medication and therefore this wasn’t truly proving an effective option for me. Bearing entirely this in mind its not wonderful I had a full on week of worry and tears dire to work through options and scenarios in my adverse . Financial and geographical limitations were putting up barriers and the supplemental stress wasn’t great for my material substance.  I was then super prosperous to find an offer of a scope rental in someones house. It came upright as I was loosing hope and I grabbed the chance; fit with both hands. A kitchen I could ultimately cook in, this seemed like delight after creating all sorts of entertaining dishes in my hotel room, not complaisant with dietary restrictions and lack facilities! I moreover craved that home environment, a moral perception of normality in the midst of a state which really didn’t seem total that normal! After all I bear travelled over 5,000 miles ~ dint of. myself to get medical help, this didn’t loud cry normal and was definitley never put ~ my 5 year plan!


I was readily packed up and moved into my unaccustomed temporary home… I seemed to obtain double the luggage I arrived with, medicine and IV supplies galore, kilo bags of epsom salts and not to neglect the IV pole! I quickly adjusted into the starting a~ environment and know how ever vehemently it was to still be off from home I had to jeep focused, veritable and motivated. No one ever before-mentioned fighting for remission was going to have existence an easy one, but its definitely a take up arms I am willing to take a cheering shot at.

IV Meds in the hammock! Making the most of a 'better' day & the beautiful californian climate.

IV Meds in the hammock! Making the most of a ‘better’ sunshine & the beautiful californian climate.

My remedial agent has been changed up on a uniform basis since I have been here, research suggests that the infections really respond to this pulsing method far-seeing term. Un-like other illness’, Lyme is not passage book and there really isn’t a ‘common fits all’ protocol. You can have ~ing infected with an array of infections from a beat and not only does this change  from person to person, excepting also how the body and immune system cope and responds to these bacteria alter significantly. I often have people supplicate me ‘what medicine do you take, I bring forth a friend with Lyme and she require to start medication?’. The act is there is no simple answer, united must consult a Lyme literate physician, have various lab tests done and be treated based on these results and also on a clinical level too based on current symptoms. My symptoms can change on an hourly basis, let alone a diurnal basis! I may wake with a crushing headache and pains in my feet, hereafter an hour later I may be moved really alert but shaking and through the end of the day I might be hugging the porcelain bowl! Its the chiefly unpredicable situation to be in and it doesn’t figure it easy to make any plans! I in no degree really know if it will subsist a good hour or one at which place I hit foetal position and equitable rock! I can look so well from the outer but inside I often feel like I am breaking internally in so many different ways… like my body has been hijacked and there really is a monster inside me!  This concerning me is particularly frustrating, I can’t descry or always understand what is going up~ the body inside MY body and yet I accept to almost accept that ‘it is what it is’ and just deal through it. I am control freak and it makes me handle ridiculously out of control!

The leading intravenous antibiotic medication I have been working with this past few months is Rocephin/Ceftriaxone, Azithromycin and Metronidazole/Flagyl. All of what one. focus on fighting the different fixed bacterial infections which I have. These are administered now and then multiple times a day and be favored with multiple side effects and interactions. Its often one medication for one problem and then another to reduce or eliminate the border effects!

The other IV medications I take are Phosphatidylcholine, Glutathione, Colloidal Silver and Myers. The latter is a  nutritional cocktail of strong dose Vitamin C, various B Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium etc. All of what one. have clear roles in detox,  supporting my immune method and helping me bite back fronting Lyme and the multiple co-infections.

I besides take a daily concoction of probiotics, herbal tablets and tinctures which are a spontaneous and vital part of my protocol. With the whole of these pills, potions and drips it shortly fills my day as you have power to imagine! In addition to medication I am besides using food as another avenue of composing. I am currently gluten free, sweeten free, dairy free and and following the Low Fodmap Diet. This eliminates loftily fodmap foods which are poorly absorbed into the slight intestine and this helps reduce the abdominal pain, bloating, and bowel problems that accept been caused by the infections and medicaitons . By eliminating these sharp-chain carbohydrates such as Lactose and Sucrose, it helps to extirpate this process of malabsorption and in addition to the other dietary restrictions I am hoping spun out term this will help to re-program and eventually heal my gut.


I am really attentive about keeping a log of completely my medication and symptoms as this allows the couple the doctor and I to receive a more accurate view on for what cause things are going, what may have ~ing helping and in some instances the kind of could be making things worse. You indeed begin to see patterns over time and breed a much a clear insight into the glare-ups and also the better days also. I have a notebook which I possess used to log every day of handling since all this began. I commend this for anyone juggling a difficult health problem and a lot of medication, especially whether your brain has become a contemptible more on the foggier side!

The trusty notebook... an insight into Lyme life!

The strong notebook… an insight into Lyme life!

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