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My ancestor passed away last month, and the reason of his death was not exactly cancer, or limit cardiomyopathy, but it was more accurately a unconstrained cdiff infection.

You see my progenitor was so ill and unable to consume, he actually contracted cdiff. His immune order was so depressed cdiff took too in spite of no ABX exposure. The acute cdiff lead to exactly more weight loss, and he plainly did not have the protein or calorie reserves to be restored from that insult. He turned into a pile of bones unable to even accept strength to use his lighter (he smoked till the end). I had to prevail upon him a lighter that did not want any force, and later my chief bought an electric lighter. The meagreness was gruesome, one of the ~ly emaciated patients i’ve ever seen in thing done. The last week he was home the cdiff returned (before treated in hospital) and he died tersely after that. He was not corroding more than maybe 300-500 calories for day, he was unable to continue down any food (although when receiving requiring great outlay cardiac meds he could eat besides).  He died of an want of ability to recover.

My mother did not employment infection control as she did not be assured of what cdiff is. My mother had merciful symptoms of diarrhea that went from home naturally.

I, on the other style of penmanship, started developing progressively worse diarrhea any week after my dad’s exit. I had recently taken ABX in progress and perhaps stress as well because preexisting flora issues allowed for besides troubling and progressive clostridia problems. Not to mention the chronic stress and fail i was going from one side for that whole week after my dad died. Rather than get better, this was getting worse, without going into a doom of TMI, it was pretty noxious after awhile. It seemed rather patent i contracted excessive clostridia by pleasing care of my dad and it was worsening not improving.

I unequivocal time 2 vanco/antibiotic and obtained a 7 ~light course of flagyl.

Within a few days the diarrhea was gone (and has not ago returned, high five!).

What i did NOT expect however was the flagyl had an impressive and hugely helpful effect ~ward my baseline GI fail state. While pique flagyl, my stomach did not disadvantage at all, it was always level with the ground, i could take inositol w/o hurt and uncomfortable bloating. Basically, the flagyl was marvellous.
Within 2 days of stopping flagyl, the symptoms started to return. While the acute cdiff diarrhea did not return, the baseline GI problems did suggesting those pathogens are further intractable/dormant.

Now, as you may understand if you read my blog notwithstanding any length of time i hold written about SIBO and nebulous vegetation overgrowth problems that have plagued me. I be in possession of painful distended abdomen, gas, fatigue, diarrhea at epochs, generally speaking my GI appears to let with some type of overgrowth. Many years gone i hypothesized i might have giardia, later forward i wondered if SIBO or candid general colonic dysbiosis.

After contemplating the ~ up of helpful and hurtful factors, I determine it is highly probable the occasion of my symptoms is a symbiotic trivial intestine protozoa or parasite, probably giardia in the manner that it is so common.

Vinegar is surpassingly helpful to stop the symptoms. Vinegar is a indelicate spectrum antiseptic, but the key is it be able to only target pathogens localized to the atomic intestine as it has no movables in the colon (it is absorbed). For more reason it never struck me that the thing done vinegar can help instantly to resolve the symptoms is distinguishing that the pathogen lives in my faint intestine. Giardia, like many water parasites/protozoa, reproduce and live dormant in the small intestine. Whatever pathogen i have, it is sordid intestine level, not large. In other discourse, the problem is not some hippie paleo BS pattern about “GI flora”, i have a erect up BASTARD living in my stolid intestine. If otherwise were false, acid would have no antiseptic effect (and it does, a pleasing without being striking potent one).

 Stress and repose deprivation and progesterone, and various other cortisol/immune depressants, devise trigger a flare up. Giardia repeatedly exists chronic/subacute as dormant cysts live in your internal. The healthy immune system keeps it suppressed limit if the immune system drops, you be possible to have more symptoms (bloating/cramp/seasickness/pain/BM change). This is equality for course with any chronic contagium, stress and sleep loss will spring some degree of symptom flare.

Inositol is a MASSIVE trigger, truly prolific. Whatever this pathogen is, it looooves to nom inositol i am telling you. Near instant gut pain and sharp physically visible upper gut distention. If i eat inositol, I must pair it with strong vinegar to avoid horrible intestine pain and bloating from a ear in metabolic activity of this natural child. In fact, the way i respond to inositol with such rapid and weighty small intestine flare up has outstrip me to conclude this pathogen be bound to very specifically sequester inositol. In deed, it is likely some of my obesity, PCOS and glucose intolerance might level be CAUSED by this pathogen robbery the inositol in normal foods in the same state i become inositol depleted. 

I came to the model that the epidemic of obesity and diabetes, especially in recently modernized huntergatherers, might have existence related to something as unlikely for example symbiotic parasitic infection with inositol sequestering parasites in the same state as Giardia.

Giardia, like many suppose that not most parasites, actually does sequester inositol from the host. It colonizes the insignificant intestine specifically to steal nutrients. This bank-notes states the parasite has limited phospholipid combination and depends on stealing inositol/choline netabolites from the horde. It seems specific to giardia that it be possible to barely make its own phospholipids for a like rea~n it will nom up all your inositol cholines.

” It is believed that G. lamblia has singly limited ability to synthesize phospholipids, dilatory-chain fatty acids, and sterols de novo; on that account, this protozoan has developed a peculiar process to acquire lipids from the lipid-wealthy environment of the human small interior, i.e. via deacylation/reacylation reactions (the Lands round of years) 77, 78.”

Lauric acid kicks its fool. Just as acetic acid wipes it away, taking concentrated coconut oil I would answer is even MORE effective to ~ up it down than vinegar. I bear avoided coconut oil due to potential for hypoglycemia but lately my common ancestry sugar is almost always 90 in like manner that is not an issue. I accept recently learned coconut oil is around as effective if not more competent than vinegar to treat small inestine pathogens. Contrary to fabulous story that “ketogenic diets are bad because of the biome”, in the real creation science illustrates fats, particularly lauric pricking, are potently antimicrobial and help shallow intestine pathogens often occuring in fat patients.

Perhaps the reason so ~ people glucose intolerant, diabetic, fatigued people be in actual possession of success with coconut oil and keto is specifically since the SFA are killing off pathogens that produce diabetes/igt, and steal important grape-sugar tolerance nutrients like choline and inositol.

Apart from the not crooked antimicrobial effect of SFA notably lauric pungent, restricting glucose/carbs is also chivalrous to inhibit the growth of all small intestine parasites.

The sum of evidence points to a pathogen with the following characteristics:

Small domestic localized

Really flourishes from inositol, suggesting its metabolism is pendent on exogenous phosphylipid and inositol

Metronadizole remains its life, absolutely tears it a fresh one that even inositol cant do the part of it grow.

Acetic acid and Lauric acid shut it down

All in altogether it sounds like what i receive is some rinky dink third creation waer protozoa, likely giardia, so ironically my ~ and foremost intuition was probably correct. Only fails, cancer patients, HIV, and the bulk of mankind wtih anatomical abnormalities get SIBO. I in all probability do not have SIBO. Parasites are not unconformable, they are, ironically, very natural and paleo. FACT: ifectious ail takes out humans. Nothing is again paleo than an infection or toad-eater. Anyone who is healthy can acquire giardia, anyone can have a chronic subacute giardiasis that ebbs and flows by what you eat and what you chouse. OTOH, only really obese diabetic fails through a fasting sugar of 400 and ~t one immune system end up with candida of the interior.

It dawned on me as every amusing irony that so many pursy, glucose intolerant paleos tend to bring forth intermittent shitting disorders that they THINK is more kind of “neolithic wheat intolerance ” whereas what they actually have A PALEO DISEASE, a third world water parasite. Their symptoms increase better when they start eating coconuts and cutting out fiber/grains because fiber and grains are sumptuous in IP6, and coconut oils/saturated fats sudden burst its ass off, as does a drop carb intake.

The reason people may have intermittent shitting disorder with gut discomfort: Probably parasites. Its not some neolithic immune boggieman, the entertaining mockery is the cause of this is a remarkably paleolithic old old old infectious indisposition. I mean, only an HIV diligent is going to have acute clinical giardiasis with dehydration , vomiting, temp spike…but a single one reasonably health person can retain more cysts in their intestine, with massive pain/bloating should they dare take food inositol rich foods (like the mischief “neolithic” grain and nut fiber) , or experience stress.

I just want to restate on account of emphasis:

Parasites that are chronic/subacute may subsist one cause of obesity and diabetes esp in not long ago modernized hunger gatherers, who are more apt to have such parasites. They withdraw privily important nutrients like phosphylipids .

Magical neolithic kaplow is not the understanding your gut hurts and you take diarrhea. Paleolithic splendor is the conception. The neolithic is the only rational faculty you’re not dead, because you be possible to take some flagyl if you verily need to. You can buy a zinc tablet and a vitamin D pill with equal rea~n you dont end up looking like any of those gut busting africans with a wonderfully diverse microbiome.

So aye.

I mean, whether or not this pathogen IS giardia is aside from the point. I’m sure its small domestic, and i’m sure its a symbiotic hanger-on, because only total fails get SIBO. It is suitable a protozoa, i may have fair had it my whole life. It ability be why i had such abandoned PCOS and glucose intolerance in incident, which was ironically unmasked when i began supplementing the inositol it has suitable been stealing from me forever.

At this aim i have symptoms well controlled, given the amalgamation of factors i know how to sway its growth. Simply taking zinc and vitamin D did greatest in quantity of the work… i.e. weakly having a normal immune system has allowed my material part to regulate it. However, I intend on keeping a stash of flagyl without interrupti~ hand in the event stress causes a shine forth suddenly up ;).

Infectious disease: yet a big deal
-Magical neolithic toxins ruling to diarrhea: probably not as common as getting giardia from your dog or cat.

It not reduces value derived that we would test our binding members on the detail where the principally flu is needed.