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 JULY 9, 2015 THURSDAY: Blog Post #4

            Today was the elementary day going out in Colombia. The at the outset medsite is in Buenaventura and the encourage site where Emily went is in Juanchaco. I got up at 0459 and got nimble as usual and went to the jumble deck for breakfast. I didn’t gnaw into but I grabbed an apple and granola cross-piece just incase the MRE situation turned not at home to be only pork sausages and gravy taken in the character of a choice.  Everyone going to seat 1 had to muster in CASREC at 0545…hurry up and wait comes into frolic BIG TIME today. We were lined up in 3 lines with regard to the different tender boats…I ended up at the stand opposite to of the second line…first speculation through my head was: “Great, merited great…I’m at the stand over against and have NO IDEA what I’m doing”…. turns loudly the lines were in alphabetical standing rule. Another life lesson from the Comfort: in ~ degree one pronounces anyone’s name correctly…I am not Haskett and Emily is blameless Hess…there was actually a considerably good selection of MREs to take to support for lunch and I ended up through chicken fajita. At 0600 we made our tendency of action down the ramp to the boats. In Colombia we obtain to have forced protection…meaning soldiers and police escorts…this is due to the nature of the territory we are in and possible FARC action. Because of this protection all the boats esteem to leave together…we were not percipient of this and so once our boat was loaded we ended up having to swim around in circles in the waves with respect to hours…YES I REPEAT HOURS! We ended tarrying for 2 and ½ hours fair-minded drifting around….I have the wondrous conditioning of long car and level rides as a kid and basically be diminished asleep after about 30 minutes…a greater number of everyone else not so plenteous. Every boat had groups of people just getting so seasick that we smooth had to go back to the ship to distil them off because they couldn’t ~ along to shore and do their job in their condition. Emily described that 12 lower classes on her boat got sick…LT Xie judgment it would be funny if we good posted a video of everyone acquirement sick as our blog post…but alas that is not likely because I was asleep and Emily got weak herself.

            Once totality the boats finally got moving it took near an hour to get to Buenaventura. Of round it was another hurry up and wait category getting off the boats and mustering up due past the marina. Next we walked 2 blocks to the seat, which was in a sort of render free of access-air gymnasium. The streets along the path were lined with crowds of populate cheering and even taking pictures and videos of us. At the seat the pharmacy was located in a back expanse without lights or ventilation. There were spin bikes and a treadmill as well since a few weight machines in the scope. The day before a few of the club members set up all the totes of medications. At seat as patients come through we take their paperwork, remark the medications, tally which medications we dispensed in the place of inventory, check and verify the medication, and on that account counsel the patient. This would subsist a much easier process if in that place were an interpreter…I’m told that they usually have 1 or 2 assigned to pharmacy…but of point of compass we did not get one today. (Logistical difficulties acquisition to shore the first day in sympathetic boats and therefore surgical screenings were backed up and they took a greater number of the interpreters). It was definitely a fast learning process but now I be aware of a tiny bit of Spanish: uno tableta cada dia (person tablet every day). I helped curb and pass out medications…after awhile I stopped trying to counsel patients because no one would answer to the appellation I said…maybe I butchered it…maybe I didn’t tell it with the right inflection…either wont its been a running joke with pharmacy that you end up by-word the name 3 times no single answers but when someone else calls it revealed they stand up right away (level when there are only 2 the bulk of mankind sitting there). There are many clan with similar or the same call by ~ so it is also important to control the number on their wristband.

            We usually relate the patients to have a station after we get their paper be so they don’t hover from one side to the other the table as we go through the suit. One lady actually went back to at what place the plastic chairs were, grabbed a place and sat down right in face of the table…BOLD! After quite we did just tell her to get a seat hahahaha!Throughout the epoch it becomes pretty repetitive to beware multivitamins and acetaminophen dispensed and there are only 80 drugs in the rule but I was able to entangle a ciprofloxacin allergy with a H. pylori ~age dispensed. The H. pylori pack consists of amoxicillin, levofloxacin, and omeprazole. The prescriber wanted to apprehend if it was a true ciprofloxacin allergy except without an interpreter that wasn’t certainly an option. The pharmacists are given the warrant to change almost any medication and directions in the same manner with needed (many drugs run out in addition the course of the stays in inhabitants and are automatically switched to all that is possible). We changed the H. pylori set to doxycycline, metronidazole, omeprazole, and pepto-bismol. Reading the notes and chief complaints have also been very engaging and an adjustment from what we observe daily in the states. One indefatigable had a gunshot wound in the back multiplied years ago where the bullet was in no degree removed, lots of anemia, joint disquiet, many decayed teeth that got extracted, lots of fungal infections, blindness, pancreatic cancer, and individual that has stuck with me in special was a 9 year old stripling whose chief complaint was small penis. Many of the patients consider legitimate health problems but may subsist too difficult for us to luxury. Hence why we dispense a fate of Tylenol and multivitamins. Many of the patient’s issues we be able to not treat because they do not receive access to the medication…we don’t bestow out insulin because we do not desire a fridge on site. There are verily no diabetes medications on formulary, that is very different from disease case treatment in the United States.

            There are likewise many partnering nations physicians so it is every adjustment to see some of their prescriptions. For urgency I saw a lot of prednisone to come through for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in place of NSAIDs because that is the sort of the standard is for their country they practice in. An important result to note during this first daytime at the site seeing patients is that there was a riot….ok not in such a manner much a riot more of a protest…there was clamorous chanting and what seemed to be picketing. There was only 1 poor wall between the pharmacy and the highway so it made Fowler a trivial uneasy…Not long after a Navy photographer stopped ~ means of and said they were chanting in an opposite direction a new hotel that was centre of life built and the general healthcare amount ~d or the region. It wasn’t approximately as hot as I expected no more than then again there were horror stories from anterior countries where it was over 100 degrees and they dispensed upper 1200 prescriptions. The day ended pleasing without being striking smoothly with of course some again logistical issues and seasickness horror stories were shared at musters.

I can’t tell if all the pictures uploaded or not with the internet connection on and not upon but there should be 2 pictures of the Comfort from the back of the present boat I was on drifting encompassing on, a few pictures walking to/of the medsite, and a “knowledge of principles project”…not looking for mosquito larvae maybe the man said mites?…I be able to’t be sure it was loud in there

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