Posted in Flagyl on July 18, 2015

Day 3 of “The Treatment”

First and leading, “Wow.”
I didn’t regard I could feel any worse. Pushing from one side the strong urge to vomit about ingesting the pill…Well, it zaps me of some of my energy and patience. In the greatest month or so, I have dropped hind part before 17 pounds. C. diff. is a veritable bitch considering the amount of misery one has to overcome in injunction to be healthy again.

In the former year or so, I have had the privilege of working with animals quite closely. Prescriptions of Metronidazole were low and regular, but I never had a direction about the med’s side movables. It honestly adds a little culpability to know that someone’s trifling dog was given this crap. But, ay, it does defeat bacteria effectively in ut~ cases.

I’m mentally, constantly crossing my fingers. My mom is apprehensive the Flagyl won’t work because that I have been sick for more time. Funny enough, I’m staying valid for both her and my member of a firm. I know they are scared, because I am too. Nevertheless, their through all ages-present concern and fear/anxiety isn’t the chiefly conducive to the situation. I don’t disclose them this to their faces; I deserved think it sometimes.

I love them and perceive the worth of it, but come on! Let me ejaculation (which I have a bunch while on the new med) for once and feel like the biggest wuss (or puss, lol)! They experience me suffer and I make it obvious to them that this is the current “Me”, 24/7. It bequeath pass; I just have to fight…Even if it involves some embarrassing, hot tears. 🙂

To have ~ing real, though…I don’t compass I’d be able to find it through without my “Cat Nip.” It doesn’t act much for my appetite anymore, nevertheless at least I sort of handle better. At this point, I prepare it to be able to destroy a slice of bread or a miniscule helping of rice. If I didn’t appliance it, I would probably be in a great quantity worse of a condition.

On a lighter official communication, I decided to finish this blaze abroad with a cute reference. (Hint: It’s here and there as 90’s as I am.)

“Harry, are your eyes to the end of time that squinty?” Hehehe

I accept it is a tad self-deprecating, yet it makes me smile to crank about that side of myself.

For after this, I’m going to continue my NCIS marathon up~ the body Netflix, while I melt onto my layer. Hmmm…I think that would flow a better (read: more suitable) C. Diff. PSA!


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