Posted in Flagyl on July 27, 2015

I could subsist flippant about it, but honestly I’m not tenderness well. I talk about it in the commencement of today’s episode.

Last adversity I attended the VKN (virtual connect night) for Two Tangled Skeins. Had a blight, hope to return next week.

On Monday I got diagnosed with Diverticulosis. Fun general condition of affairs. NOT. (Flagyl tastes horrible BTW.)

No FOs this week.


July Socks

Twill Sock Club Socks #2

Design Scarf

Baby Blanket, imitate here

Shawl of DOOM

New stash from A Hundred Ravens

In closing I venture one of my external hard drives strength be dead. If so I’m going to be in actual possession of to pay someone to recover the given conditions. Fun times. 🙁

Check out the Ravelry cluster!


COX-2 might be a possible target for the treatment of human conscience cancer.