Posted in Flagyl on July 21, 2015

About a week not on of antibiotics, we started Flagyl to brush possible C-diff in his entrails. The Flagyl seemed to cause besides stomach aches and diarrhea than anything, strangely enough. His cough started to reach back soon after that. So frustrating inasmuch as as we just finished a highly strong course of antibiotics! He has been ~right of breath during our runs, to the verge of not being able to celebrate up with  me (and I break through slow, believe me). Another thing that has too been worrying me is that he has been in the way that out of breath while swimming, he is completely away of breath, even with short distances. So, of line of conduct we increased treatments to try to unsullied out any extra mucus collecting in his lungs. I waited a week to perceive if it would improve any, and while it didn’t, I contacted our clinic and proverb the doctor today.

His Fev1 was down a bit, but not as unwholesome as we thought it would have existence, given how the cough sounded. The learned man looked over his allergy test he had while he was in the hospital last month, and while he was mildly allergic to “everything”, his IGE to a incontrovertible type of grass was literally most distant the charts. She believes he is having a horrible time wish because of allergies. So, we take a plan to start a many inhaled steroid, and to also join OTC allergy medicines to try to unruffled his asthmatic component down some.

On the plus side, he gained a few besides pounds and also grew, so the higher calorie model is working well! Another thing we experienced is that adding salt to his boluses be enough not work. It causes stomach resentment and very bad reflux, so we gain stopped that for the time subsistence. We will see if the allergy contrivance works and hopefully it will and we inclination stay off of antibiotics for a as long as!

You are free to go stop the PLM and read any antibiotic you like and they’ll apparently have worse side effects than ciprofloxicine.