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Bocci at MadridThe International Scientific Committee forward Ozone Therapy ISCO3 had their international meeting on June 11 and 12, 2015. The Conference was held at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Madrid, by support from the Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy. This educational ulcer brought together medical doctors, veterinarians, and dentist from 20 different countries. The historical rate hall was over 300 years rich. With interpreters and headsets, ideas and research were presented on ozone research techniques and procedures. I was prosperous enough to present a paper in c~tinuance “Ozone Therapy used Instead of Antibiotics toward Micro Biome Restorative  Therapy Yields Successful Outcomes in opposition to Dogs and Cats with Fecal Transplants.” My prelection was well received and  created a apportionment of discussion within the conference. Many of the doctors had not at all heard of Micro Biome Restorative  Therapy (“MBRT”). My clients and their astounding pets with their positive experiences were talented to give these doctors another possible treatment for their human and beast patients. Fecal transplantation is being finished in many of the hospitals in the United States as being Clostridium Dificil. This has not been known viewed like a procedure in many other endowments of the world to help by this deadly iatrogenic problem due to the overuse of antibiotics. Using Ozone Therapy in place of using more antibiotics like vancomycin and metronidazole, we were able to reduce the biofilm of the take out the bowels of enabling the fecal transplant to be completed successfully.

Other lectures presented were:
• The Biochemistry and Molecular Aspects of Ozone Therapy – Dr. Velio Bocci, Italy
• Ozone Therapy in the Management of Cancer Patient Toxicity – Dr. Bernardino Clavo, Spain
• Experience of Laboratory Control of Ozone’s Contained Cosmetic Gel Action – Dr. Oxana Bitkina, Russia
• Severe Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Drugs Successfully Treated through Ozone Therapy – Dr. Heinz Konrad, Brazil
• The ascertained and clinical feasibility of the rule of ozonized saline use and efficiency – Dr. Sergey Peretyagin, Russia
• State of the tact of the molecular mechanism of ozone therapy – Dr Gregorio Martinez, Italy
• The in posse healing effects of ozone in intelligent carious lesion – Dr. Fadi Sabaah, Lebanon
• Criteria and military science of a successful course of systemic ozone therapy – Dr Eugeny Nazarov, Ukraine
Combination therapy of ozone PRPO3 and CGF in diabetic ulcers – Dr. Adriana Schwartz, Spain
• Ozone therapy in Science: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of randomized Control Trials in Pain Management – Dr. Ruhi Cakir, Turkey
• Ozone and neurotransmitters partners in the penumbra of cerebral ischemic oppugn – Dr. Victor Pereyra, Argentina
• Oil pulling by Ozonated macadamia nut oil – Dr. Nory Bazzano, Argentina
• Microdosis Ozone Infiltration. Clinical Experiences – Dr. Froyan Alvarado, Mexico
• Ozone in quest of treatment of Buruli Ulcers – Dr. .Antonella Bertolotti, Italy
• Ozone therapy in Multiple Sclerosis – Dr. Estaban Sanchez, Spain

I had a occur to meet Dr. Velio Bocci, who is the engender of modern day Ozone and has published multitude research articles and books. He was very fascinated with the idea of restoring the micro biome and using ozone because the reduction of the biofilm. We ate in the same place at the final banquet.
I had a risk to spend hours with Drs. Eugeny Nazarov from the Ukraine and Manuel Velez Aguilar. These are sum of ~ units of the Renaissance Men that were lot of this conference. These men and women are of a mind to look way outside the box of resting on mere custom thought for the improvement of soundness for their patients. The results they penetrate are truly amazing and need to exist shared with mainstream medicine.

Two days earlier to the conference I had a expedition of the Sedecal Company and their appliance, where they make x-ray apparatus and ozone machines. Manuel Delgado de las Vega and Sean Calton gave me a catalogue of engineering understanding of how some ozone machine works. The intensity and disposition of engineering on both the x-apprehension and ozone machines was impressive. I none realized how much computerization and electrical apparatus and motherboards went into each of these products.

The generation prior to going to the meeting for consultation I had a chance to lavish time with Dr. Mercedes Aviles who has each integrative veterinary practice right outside the incorporated town. She does a lot of greater auto- hemotherapy and I saw her deal with a dog with osteosarcoma, who is silence three years alive post diagnosis and amputation. She likewise treated a case of Leishmaniasis with ozone therapy.
Following the conference I was adroit to participate in an Ozone moisture lab and lecture in human drug on an array of different ozone treatments at Dr. Andriana Schwartz’s usage in Madrid. Some of the procedures I gain been doing at MASH, while others were variant; I may begin to do more of those. With Platelet Rich Plasma PRP ozone has a potentiation and necessarily to be used in many aspects of wounds treatments.

Prior to going to Madrid, I wearied four days in Mumbai, India. There I was ingenious to give a lecture at the Bombay Veterinary School, what one. happens to be the oldest veterinary school in Asia. The lectures were excessively well received and there was a great quantity of interest in bringing integrative veterinary coursework to the community. We showed Dr. DoMore and gave lacking a copy of Dr.ShowMore so that students and faculty could visit different aspects of integrative medicine.
The hospitableness and enthusiasm were wonderful. Presently, in that place is no integrative veterinary medicine at the literary institution or in any of the veterinary schools in India. Encouraging the quality and students to know about total the courses both online and on every side the world was important. I obstruction them know about the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (“AHVMA”) and their assembly, was hoping to encourage some of them to frequent. Being that the Bombay Veterinary School was the oldest some in India, it seemed appropriate that they should originate to look at the Ayurvedic medicament that is in their country’s spontaneous medicine. We even passed a homeopathic medical school on the way to the lesson. Dr. Prathmesh Deshmuka, who took the Chi Course in Acupuncture in Madrid, attended and since wants to add ozone to his practice in Mumbai. He also was adroit to reconnect to the faculty at Bombay Vet School to impulse introducing acupuncture into the curriculum as a lecture series.Bombay Vet School

The poverty in India is material, but there are still a part of people with money who poverty to take the best care of their pets. This bygone time year Dr. Komal Kenai, an Indian sordid animal practitioner, took my ozone direction in Reno and then came to my veterinary hospital to image me for two weeks. She was practical to see many modalities being used and returned back to her veterinary hospital to utensil them. She now wants to take acupuncture, homeopathy and pertaining courses so she can have in addition tools to help the pets and her habit. Having a chance to see some diseases I never get to call on, like cysticerca, was an opportunity. Eating lots of well-cooked Indian viands caused me to gain a few pounds. I even had a chance to shop and buy some Indian mode of speech clothes. Dr. Sunita Patel was rigorous enough to have me as her visitant as I shared cases at the veterinary clinic. Her habitual performance treats many stray animals and during that she and her daughter aggravate money for the very poor living being population. They took me to some event that raised $8000 in united night for the strays.

Sharing complaint with others around the world is likewise important and knowing that we total know so little and we strait collective, collaborative thought to find solutions to veritably challenging healthcare issues.

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