Posted in Flagyl on July 23, 2015

It has been more time since I’ve written. I am treating babesia, H-Pylori, and epstein barr by herbs, flagyl, some anti parasitic mix with ~s made at a compound pharmacy, and prevacid recipe grade. Right now, my worst note is an achy spleen. My headaches which were migraine like every day obtain improved. My biggest fear and worry is that my pique has burst, a week ago I imagine I injured it and tore it in a weak way while at a baseball valorous. Since then it’s extremely grievously upon waking in the morning and I be warmed a weird sensation after laying forward my back all night like in that place is a pool of blood in in that place or something is sticking inside internally in the left workman side on my back. Maybe my chagrin is just heavy. Dizziness has been really horrible but seems to be improving slowly – I realize looking back at some old substance that it was as bad for the re~on that it’s ever been but I bear had that feeling before aparently. Some of this folly seems to run together after every one of this time. There is no question I am mentally depressed after tot~y this time. I have given up somewhat hope of ever beating this or impression normal again. It’s never going away. I feel a static type touching in the back left hand verge, sometimes pain there as well. Not certain if its my liver, or granting that its my spleen or both yet its been there several months. Will update in greater numbers each day if I don’t die, I bestow feel that the end of my time has tend hitherward. I am very scared.

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