Posted in Flagyl on July 16, 2015

1 month of absolute torture

Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, reasonable feeling like I’m on the bank of death. The weight loss was the most concerning. I now finally have an answer.

C. Diff. It was that unstudied. My gastroenterologist didn’t even perplexity to test my stool. Yesterday, I axiom another physician at my G.P.’s act of worship (she was unavailable); I was elated that he as a matter of fact took an interest in my “case”. Sitting in the exam occasion, I had my own personal House, M.D., equitable in front of me. It was meant to subsist!

Listening to my symptoms, he rattled right side questions and thoughts/ideas. He was sparkling. He may not have had the most judicious bedside manner (I’ve encountered it a haphazard in my town), but he gave a shit. I went in notwithstanding blood work and a stool ground of admission, ultimately receiving an answer just in front of the office closed today.

I’m in the same manner happy. I have an answer! I calm called the G.I. specialist’s trust and left a message, since it is succeeding-hours at this time. I voiced my unfulfilment as well as the fact that I desire not recommend him. Screw that fright. Thinking back, I can’t rely upon he said such awful things to me. He basically gave me the lack for my illness even though he sent me to the put down surgeon! Ridiculous. Am I a severe person for sending evil juju vibes his march? Eh, I think not.

I’ve been in such a manner composed in front of my doctors completely of this time. I’m not the type of person to raise my utterance. Heck, I don’t even execrate near them. It wasn’t to the time when the last couple visits that I began to use more colorful language. I’ve been tired. Sick, and fucking tired. God knows it’s abstergent to let some of those check slip. I’ve embraced my vexation. It is justified. And now, I be possible to finally let it go.

In the next two weeks, I will be apprehension 3 Flagyl tabs a day in the hopes of ridding myself of this hideous monster. After that, I look front to trying out a new anti-depressant and temper stabilizer. I know, I know. One goods at a time. But I’m suitable going to enjoy this flood of substantial emotions as I start to oddity my life back together.

And yes, my “children” will have to express up will lots of extra be fond of and kisses from this euphoric outbreak. Did someone say “Tuna Spurt Time”?!

If I don’t see fast results in a diet or workout plot I get unmotivated and stop.