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Celebrity Art Party is a semi-occurring feature, wherein the artists we have the advantage interpret their favorite song. This installment features Travis Falligant, whom we’ve suit a big fan of on Instagram, absolutely because of his excellent style and subject cause of distress that ranges from horror movies to The Golden Girls.

You probably saw his “Scooby-Doo Lost Mysteries” wholly over the web last summer. If we could lend it, we’d buy everything Fallgant present up in his shop. As it is, we had him confer about his favorite song for Celebrity Art Party, and it’s a home-felt tale of a first crush.

Travis Falligant - Foreigner 'I Want to Know What Love Is' web

Song name: I Want To Know What Love Is

Artist: Foreigner

Version of canzonet (live, album, remix, etc.): Agent Provocateur album

Why this canticle?
I have to clarify: this is not a preferred song. It’s a song that holds a powerful memory for me.

When did you principal hear it?
I had heard it in front of but the moment this song made an impression on me was in the car without interrupti~ the radio. I was 8 years going to decay and was riding in the car home from the grocery reserve. My mom had bought the Official Movie Magazine of Dune for me. I was in the back station and flipping through the pages and looking at images of dramatic artist Kyle Maclachlan.

“I Want To Know What Love Is” came up~ the body the radio and I remember closing the magazine and staring at him on the shrubbery and hearing the music and getting that feeling in the pit of my endure, the butterflies. It was the susceptibility of getting my first crush ~ward someone else and it was overPOWERING. I felt like I was neat an adult at that very deciding point, hearing Foreigner belt out that ’80s ability ballad.

How does music such to the degree that this inspire you in your drudge?
I think it’s the series in which I heard this lay (the 80’s) that really inspires my drudge.
Music from the ’80s (my infancy) influences my work just as a great deal of as film, art, pop culture does from that era. It was a time of cheer and inspiration for me. Being that period and being surrounded by so abundant great pop culture: it was a pretty large time to be alive.

It’s the optimism of that time age. As a kid growing up in the ’80s, I was exposed to beamy color palettes, uptempo catchy pop songs, and unforgettable corporate mascots and merchandising (toys, film hold-ins). When I create, I mind to draw from nostalgic, warm memories. I like to refer back to that simpler time not without more in my personal life but also in my work.

How has this hymn changed for you since you first heard it?
It hasn’t changed since me. EVERY TIME I hear this sonnet though, I am transported back to my 8 year-antiquated self, dangling my legs off the car seat in the back of my mom’s car and flipping through that movie warehouse.

What upcoming projects do you hold ?
I am working on some of recent origin IBTrav art for sale (stickers, tee designs and movie poster prints) and am gearing up conducive to the month of October and my nearest “31 Days Of Halloween” design in outline series. I almost might do a return to “The Lost Mysteries” course to celebrate the upcoming Halloween celebration. Stay tuned!

Travis Falligant’s toil can be found at his website, that contains links to his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, in the manner that well as his online store.

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