Posted in Flagyl on August 6, 2015

Kenting is a beach town in southern Taiwan. Well, as a matter of fact it is both a large public park and a town of same name. It is summer vacation time in Asia good like back home so areas like this are in truth crowded with tourists from other districts of Taiwan and mainland China.

One attractive thing about the beach is in this place is that even though they like the margin and playing around with waves in the greatest degree Taiwanese cannot swim. Because of this the beaches in this place don’t look like you’re used to for the reason that where there are people swimming in the get ~, instead you have a bunch of the multitude standing up to their ankles in the breaking waves with the occasional daredevil going knee abyss. If someone accidentally gets knocked across by a wave panic ensues amidst their family and others are instantly grabbing limbs to assist the dupe despite them all still standing in 10 inches of supply with ~ . Some even have life vests without interrupti~, I’m not sure if they lead them from home or there is a site to rent them but it is fate to see a family wearing matching life vests which time they aren’t on a boat.

I’ve in addition developed a fondness for the grilled cuttle-fish on a stick that so ~ people street vendors have cooking. You choose your squid size, dude grills it during the time that brushing with something sweet (hoisin?) sooner or later served up for about $2. Good shit.

Getting in that place:

From Hualien station take the train to 枋寮 (Fangliao) about 4 hours. Exit Fangliao post and go straight, turn left at 7-11 and you’ll beware the bus stop. Buy tickets at the inconsiderable window for the bus to Kenting, it comes many times and takes about 1.5 hours.
If you be able to’t get a seat all the course to Fangliao you can either purchase multiple train tickets and play musical chairs or just get a house on the more frequent trains to Kaohsiung and be contagious the bus from there to Kenting, takes longer moreover not significantly.

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