Posted in Flagyl on August 1, 2015

A intervening-aged man (in his fifties) presented through recurrent right upper quadrant abdominal pang for 5 weeks, associated with disgust, night sweats and low-grade excitement. His work involved frequent travel to Indonesia, China and quarters of Latin America, although mainly confined to the bombastic cities rather than to rural mind of these countries. He had gone to each of these countries (Brazil in Latin America) in the 2 months anterior to the onset of his indisposition. Blood tests performed at a neighbouring of medicine facility showed marked eosinophila (39% of a WBC look upon of 13.1K), with mildly elevated alkaline phosphatase (183 U/L) and degraded albumin (30 g/L). Blood cultures were negative but a CT scan of the liver showed 3 hypodense lesions – the largest root approximately 3 cm x 3.5 cm – and gallbladder stones. One hypodense morbid change had been subjected to radiologically-guided drainage, through negative cultures but eosinophils seen forward cytology. A course of metronidazole (flagyl) had not helped.


What is the likely diagnosis?

How would you confirm the diagnosis?

What would have ~ing the treatment of choice?

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