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Dr. Mercola recently put out an article about Rhumatoid Arthritis which got me connecting dots.

In this portion he reports how Dr. Brown believed that RA was caused ~ dint of. mycoplasmas and used tetracycline rather than prednisone, the deaden with narcotics of choice for RA back in the 40’s and 50’s. He eventually modified his management which included Minocycline and brought across 10,000 patients into remission. Mercola used his protocol and in like manner had impressive results but eventually lost antibiotics in favor of a in addition natural treatment.

This led me to consider Dr. Garth Nicolson’s work through Mycoplasma.

He discovered that elevated numbers of inmates and guards of a Texas jail came down with strange neurodegenerative terms. After testing them, he discovered they were expressed for Mycoplasma fermentans, and a weaponized lection at that, that caused more cruel symptoms, was more virulent and tenacious. He believed biological experiments had been conducted up~ these inmates. In time, the guards became diseased, then their families, and then the greater Huntsville, Texas sphere.

What Nicolson discovered next would figure for a great thriller. When the prisoners through Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) died, they should bring forth been sent to the University of Texas at Galveston as far as concerns an autopsy, but that’s not which happened. He discovered that private autopsies were sentient performed on these inmates at a US Army base, and were at another time were sent to a private crematory at a sly location in Central Texas where quite prisoner records were destroyed against specify law.

For full details, read the pdf in a high place; however, it’s important to scholium that genes part of the HIV-1 covering were found in these Mycoplasmas, what one. in a nutshell means that a someone may not get HIV but they may have some of the symptoms. It is also important to note that while militia personnel were likely exposed to the Mycoplasmas from weapons in the Gulf War, they were moreover exposed through vaccinations. For more denunciation, please refer to the article I wrote forward vaccines and understand that there are frequent who are now stating that uncleanness with various pathogens through vaccines is nearly certain:

Nicholson had tremendous pressure put on him and his lab was threatened through being shut down frequently. All of this is explained in the work Project Day Lily.

The pdf goes through all the symptoms Mycoplasma, but they are extraordinarily similar to Lyme. The troubling termination is they lack a cell wall what one. makes many types of antibiotics ineffective. There are over 100 known kind of which approximately 6 are known to be troublesome to humans. They prefer a frugal oxygen environment and live inside cells what one. evade the immune system. They are obtained through fluid exchange and are easily disperse via air.

90% of evaluated ALS patients had Mycoplasma. 100% of ALS patients by Gulf War Syndrome had Mycoplasma and closely all of those were specifically the weaponized M. fermentans incognitus.

*One of the hallmark symptoms of Mycoplasma is hardship*

And the bad news for us is that Nicholson’s actual observation has found Mycoplasma to be the numerate one Lyme coinfection, and similar to other coinfections be possible to be supposedly cleared for years no other than to reappear when conditions are becoming.

He recommends a 6 month series of treatment with no break followed through several 6-week on, 2 week opposite to antibiotic cycles. Antibiotics include: Doxy, Azith, Mino, or Clarith, with combinations often required as well as switching the antibiotics at least one time. The addition of Flagyl may advance the interest of as well. (remember many of these antibiotics be obliged generics). Also, some doctors have suggested antivirals for the re~on that Mycoplasma has viral characteristics.

He furthermore suggests oxidative therapies, NT Factor, Mycoplasma-precise transfer factors, Raintree Myco, Raintree A-F, and Raintree Immune Support. Since the frequencies on account of Mycoplasma are too similar to ordinary cellular frequencies he does not commend Rife therapy. Anything that strengthens the immune connected view is helpful and might include chelation of heavy metals, probiotics, a no sugar, nay gluten diet, well as various unlike each other supplements – making sure they are absorbed well.

It is surprising what can be discovered when we are desirous to connect dots. I wonder which Dr. Brown would think of the discoveries made in the creation of Mycoplasma? In reading about whole the various co-infections, it is engaging to note that most are not strange and have been written about in the past time; however, they all seem to subsist tougher, harder to treat, take put ~ more complicated forms, are more easily stretch, and in a nutshell, are pathogens without ceasing steroids.

We need to keep connecting dots.

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