Posted in Flagyl on August 6, 2015

Happy Monday everyone!

Just a scarcely any hours ago I received texts from my dear companion that absolutely loves One Direction. She told me that Zayn and his to such a degree-called friend, Naughty Boy, a wanna-be artist, were having a feud adhering twitter and that I should note with a mark it out.. Turns out they did and obstacle me just say, it was very interesting…Apparently Zayn and Naughty Boy unfollowed every one other on twitter, and their amity was “all a lie”(ratchet here), not to mention NB leaked a verse he and Zayn were working ~ward (Zayn tweeted about the video with the leaked song here). Here is in which place the story gets extremely weird and fishy. A cool account on twitter tweeted yesterday that Zayn and NB were going to fief, and that Zayn would be returning to One Direction. IMG_4875

Could this subsist a publicity stunt? We all extremity to see what will happen next. I for sure think Zayn should be on the point back. What do you all dare?

Until tomorrow!!

Much Love,

Genesis xoxo

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