Posted in Flagyl on August 5, 2015

Happy Tuesday!!

Since I don’t require to base myself on just celeb news, I want this blog to be about everything! So today I decided to tell you all my darling songs that I have on reproduce.

Take note that some songs are truly old.. ( yes, I listen to for the greatest part spanish songs).

Here are my lop 10 favorite songs (in no detail order):

10. Dígale by David Bisbal

Listen to it in this place

9. One More Night by Johnny Sky

Listen to it in this place

8. Ay Vamos by J Balvin

Listen to it in this place

7. Good For You ~ dint of. Selena Gomez

Listen to it in this place

6. Amor Prohibido by Selena Quintanilla 

Listen to it here

5. ¡Corre! by Jesse y Joy

Listen to it here

4. Back it Up through Prince Royce ft. Jlo & Pitbull

Listen to it in the present life

3. Adrenalina by Wisin ft. Ricky Martin & Jlo

Listen to it in this place

2. Bajito by Jencarlos Canela

Listen to it to this place

1. Oceans (Acoustic) by Hillsong UNITED

Listen to it in this place

These are my favorite songs at the trice! Consider it my summer playlist. 🙂

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I realize that my tripod is inclining my camera, so I apologize during that.

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Until tomorrow!

Much Love,

Genesis xoxo

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