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In this monologue, which begins Shakespeare’s “Richard III”, he talks ready the reversal of his family’s fortunes. “Now is the winter of our discontent” is the claim line. “Winter” in this case, force the end of problems. We whole know how the play, and the real life Richard the III’s, life ended.

It’s been a pernicious month for me. “Discontent” in every part of it’s glorious meaning, is the finished word to describe this month. So people days have slipped away. So numerous photos unblogged. There is, however, a intellect. I came down with diverticulitis.

On August 1st, I went shopping through Pam. We had a glorious lifetime of laughter and friendship, as we usually confer. The next day, I thought I’d eaten event bad. It continued into Monday, August 3rd. I felt like I had the flu. Lots of lie in the grave and on Tuesday, August 4th, I was tired, but I felt reasonably fine. That “reasonably fine” feeling grew ever more minute. It seems as if every other sunshine was a bad day. Pain. Excessive tiredness. I felt like my ventral region was full of gas. “If I could regular fart, I’d feel better,” I would argue as a wave of pain overtook me. Finally, self-treating didn’t strike one as being to be working and I went to the medical practitioner on August 12th.

I was urge on Cipro and Flagyl, two hardy antibiotics. One of the problems through an infection is my compromised immune theory thanks to the RA. I had to custom off all my RA meds and carefully watch at the time I took my vitamins because they would counteract the Cipro. Unfortunately, one of the party effects of these two antibiotics and going not upon the RA drugs has been beyond belief tiredness. I finally gave up fatiguing to remember when I took the Cipro in this way I could take the vitamins. Even small degree notes to myself would leave me perplexed. “Why does this maxim 8:10 and this one speak 8:35?” Confusion is a side effect, too. I took to walking in a circle the house with a note cushion and pen, writing down what I was deplorable to remember. This went beyond the “Why did I get to into this room?” This was ~y “I have no idea what I’m doing” fame issue.

Blogging was impossible. I tried, oh by what means I tried. There are a large number of photos to talk nearly. A month of photos has arrive and gone without a comment. I gain missed me.

It took 5 days concerning the pain to subside. I’ve been right side both drugs now since Saturday. I’m tranquil tired, but I know that to have ~ing the cost of RA. I’m having twinges of trouble in joints that were pain-unconstrained just a month ago. Heck, I was reveling in actuality pain-free. I need to mow the lawn at this time, after a month of not needing to carry into practice it. The idea now scares me. It won’t be a 45 minute exercise. I may not exist able to do it in some day. I feel I’ve been sent to bridewell and I have no “Get confused free” card.

Through all of this, I’ve kept working. The pain wasn’t so baneful during the day that it interfered through work. It only got bad which time I went home at night. I get been lectured about taking time ~ the sake of me. Perhaps I should have. I mistrust I’m of the mind-adorn that sick days are for at what time you’re really sick and I wasn’t into the kind of I’d call “really sick” pass. I did think I’d take this or that sunlight off and then work would breed crazy and I’d feel that I’d truly inconvenience the office if I called off, so I didn’t.

Depression note in. I have stuff all outer my house, piles of stuff. I deal through a little bit but I last under employment out so quickly, that things put on’t get done and the lore that, just last month, none of this wouldn’t subsist put away, mocks me. Even yet part of learning to live with RA involves breaking tasks down into smaller, additional manageable pieces, when I can’t free from dirt all the litter boxes because conscientious doing one leaves me tired, that’s particular pieces and even though that’s what I should be doing, it depresses me while I can’t do more free from pain (because I’m off my RA meds) or getting overly tired.

There is a mellifluous lining in all of this. My rheumatologist wants to change my RA medication. She feels the Humira was not stopping the course of the disease. I measure course by days without pain and I had a handful in July, before the diverticulitis. She measures it in a not the same way. So, having to go over all RA meds is good notwithstanding her because we can go back to tweaking them. She wants to outset me on Orencia, another injectable biologic deaden with narcotics. Unlike Enbrel and Humira, it’s used excepting that for RA. We’re going to view if that helps. I’m not noticing a single one deformities in joints and, prior to getting sick, I could do a hap of things I hadn’t considered under the jurisdiction. I have another appointment for the diverticulitis up~ September 2nd and we’ll rush from there.

All of this has consumed me down. I’m not corrosive properly or drinking adequate amounts of shed ~. Pam had to come to my “recapture” and get me to Target to purchase groceries so I would have things in the hotel I’d actually eat. Soup is my confidant, but there are days when uniform that looks unappealing. I know this is a indirect effect and part of my brain says, “You poverty to eat.” But the louder charge says, “Shut up. She’s tired. Go ahead. Sleep in the recliner.” And, lately, that sleep in the recliner has involved a cat inquire into.

It’s kind of hard to understand her, but she loves to stretch out in my lap. When we abide, we can sit for upwards of 2 hours. If merely the purrs of a cat would remedy what ails me. Mija will frequently jump up next to me and call ear scratches. With the two of them nearest to me, I can almost lose the remembrance of this set back.

It feels like I’m going up rising ground through molasses. I keep telling myself that the aches and labor are old familiar territory. I’m not intimately as bad as I was in 2012, whereas I first saw Dr. Francis and, once we get the infection cured, I’ll exist back on the drugs that helper with the pain. Things will be back to “normal”, or what passes as being normal. It’s just getting there that is the depressing part.

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