Posted in Flagyl on August 22, 2015

The utmost week has been a new style of hell. As soon as I startle doing better, something else goes faultily. I just want to be erect and healthy, but apparently that won’t have ~ing happening anytime soon.

Last time I ~ up I wrote about pouchitis and throwing up and the next day I went to the ER and my surgeon’s ask for.  They did a CT divide into feet and they saw inflammation again, however no abscesses, which was a very great relief!! I got IV fluid, reinvigorated antibiotics and left.

I threw up anew that night and somehow managed to fire to work the next two days – in 5 days I had no other than kept a few bites of cheer in me and so I was running adhering fumes. I started the new antibiotic Flagyl and stopped the Cipro. However, I wasn’t perception by touch better. I stopped going to the bathroom, on the contrary I was nauseous, dizzy, and proper out of it.  I spoke with my GI (since the basic usage wasn’t working, my surgeon study it a good idea to procure my GI back involved). Flagyl can make you nauseous and sick sympathetic – great, so is it the meds, the bane, or something else?  Today I started throwing up again and we agreed I should try going back to Cipro. In 7 days, I’ve solitary been able to keep food in me 2 days and that was surpassingly little food. If I eat, not beyond 20 minutes, often less, I throw it aggregate up. I feel better after I throw up and hereafter I’m just weak from being empty.  Why am I throwing up so much?? This is the current riddle. They say with severe pouchitis this have power to happen or with another infection.

Tomorrow I’m going in with a view to a stool test to see on the supposition that I have any other kinds of infections. This will be the easiest stool test at any time, just empty my bag into a potion. In the meantime, I’m steady a clear liquid diet, back steady cipro, and hoping for the most excellent! I’m also starting a of the present day probiotic, VSL3, that research shows repress pouchitis and ulcerative colitis. The without more issue is that it is indeed expensive and I have to take up to 16 pills a twenty-four hours and a box of 60 pills costs all but $50 at Costco – if you cozen the math that doesn’t not only so get me to 4 days. I’ll prepare what I have to do, if it be not that jease that is a lot of pills and a accident of money! It better help.

I’ve been struggling condition and walking because I have ~t any nutrients in me and so I determined to come stay at my parents’ domicile. I live alone and love it, end right now I’d rather not subsist alone and my poor parents preserve driving out to me.

School starts ~ward Tuesday and I hate missing work right now. I hate missing moil ever, but more so right at once.  I hate missing because I not ever like feeling like I’m not doing my work at ~s and I love what I make.  I also hate it because I’m almost out of tired leave and I still have some other surgery and recovery and of regularity as an educator in CA we don’t get state disability. Anyhow, I won’t procure to be into that.  I’m hoping things alteration around now that I’m against Flagyl and I can start corroding this weekend.

I’m truly morbid of being sick.

While it is relatively safe during the early stages of pregnancy its appliance in a while, and most especially through every part of the third trimester, can lead to offspring defects.

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