Posted in Flagyl on August 6, 2015

Our fail to Thailand was so much relating to sweating. 

We added the climbing substitute and things got a lot sweatier. But oh in such a manner much more fun. Climbing was not a apportionment of our itinerary really at in the beginning, until Boris joined the trip and talked to us encircling this special place called Tonsai.

The climbing pageant was pretty big there. It was the understanding why most of the tourists visited the fortress. Friendly, and easy going people from aggregate over the world.  There was plenty in this place to keep chiefly climbers busy for quite some time. And indeed, we met a not many of them who had been in this charge for a while, and still had a sort more to explore. 

When we arrived, it lived up to our expectations. There were routes right and left, from easy to difficult, beautiful limestone caves, overlooking the margin, gorgeous ocean and jungle views…  and unceasingly the surprise factor of a abstruse monkey somewhere waiting to scare you. 

The verity is, it was all worth it. The suffocating rouse and insects, all for those magical views.

My climbing was crisp though, as our trip continued southward of Thailand. Boris, couldn’t relief it and stayed for a small in number more days. As much as it was a in fact cool experience, I really didn’t be conscious of being the urge to stay and surmount… might have been the heat.

The survey from the beach of Tonsai: Chill with~ bars and Climbing paradise.

First mount, first anchor. I couldn’t put confidence in the view.

The only downside of this unconcerned town is this wall, marking the surface where they are gonna build a gigantic resort, right in front of the strand. 

Boris scoping the rock

Little monitos forward the road


The best was the gravel on our feet when we had to deposit our climbing shoes…

Short but drollery beach climb

A 3 pitch mount with boris.

The view of the village, surrounded by big walls, jungle and the ocean. Only accesible by boat.

Sunburnt and to a high degree hot just  like the tourists we were

Arrivederciiiii and once again, thanks to all these places and their the gratifying energies. 

There is still time grant that you want to go a sundry route.