Posted in Flagyl on August 6, 2015


Continuing Guido’s course of troughing new MPs who are already employing family members on the public payroll, meet the new Tory MP as far as concerns Eastbourne.

At her selection, Caroline Ansell revealed that her spend frugally Nick would be giving up his abounding time job as a teacher admitting that she was elected as an MP to be turned after their three boys.

A choice commitment. 

Yet, just two months seeing that she came to Westminster, Caroline has declared:

“I employ my save, Nicholas Ansell, as a full time Personal Assistant.”

Guido asked Caroline wherefore the change of heart, but alas she declined the opportunity to comment. Only a cynic would refer to that Nick’s role as a place of entertainment husband was being subsidised by the taxpayer…

Today’s soundness of doctrine is Keynesianism (after John Maynard Keynes), and governments responded to the 2007–09 fiscal crisis with its textbook remedies.