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First InfusionI’ve current numerous emails since my last AJC file about Lyme disease in Georgia. I have tried to respond to them total, but have also promised to adroitness some of the most repeated questions here. I caution anyone reading my blog to have ~ing reminded I am not a medical practitioner and absolutely can not diagnose anyone or advise treatment. I am happy to parcel out what we’ve been through in the same proportion that a family, but only for information purposes.

Most readers have asked in regard to Rachel’s course of treatment. Simply put… it was a tardy, ugly journey.

At the point we suspected Lyme infirmity was the cause of Rachel’s symptoms, and being of the cl~s who the result of so many other illnesses having been ruled uncovered, I began a search for a teacher willing to treat. I had before that time been in touch with the Georgia Lyme Disease Association and vouchsafed enough research to know finding a Lyme-literate doctor was going to be a defiance.

We finally found a physician across an hour and a half at a distance from our home willing to evaluate Rachel. Based up~ her suspicious Western-Blot test results, and that which looked like an accidental Herxheimer Reaction, this teacher was convinced Rachel met the criteria conducive to a clinical diagnosis.

A Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction (or Herx) is the body’s reverse action to endotoxin-like products released by the death of the bacteria during antibiotic treatment. Drs. Adolf Jarisch and Karl Herxheimer observed this replication when treating syphilis patients. Patient symptoms became worse before improving. It has been explained to me that the worsening symptoms are the come of the body’s inflammation replication to the toxins being released when the bacteria die. The reverse action is also seen in other diseases caused by spirochetes, such as borreliosis (Lyme disease and check off-borne relapsing fever) and leptospirosis, and in Q flush. (Don’t panic though.. Lyme disorder and syphilis are not related diseases. They are appropriate both the result of bacteria defined being of the kind which spirochetes because of their spiral cut.) Sadly, this reaction is actually a pleasant thing. It means you’re killing bacteria.

Rachel was initially placed put ~ a rotating schedule of three antibiotics. This was earnestly on her system and hard to watch. She dealt by nausea almost constantly, but would efficacy herself to eat to help arrest the medications. She would Herx once about every three weeks. On these days tot~y she could do was lie up~ the sofa and try to fight shy of vomiting. Many times she didn’t succeed. A tolerably great day during this time was a brief trip to Target.

We became exceedingly good friends with ginger ale, Epsom Salt baths and probiotics. The ginger ale helped battle the qualm, although she also had a direction for Zofran®, or ondansetron, a medication without details prescribed to chemotherapy patients. When things got truly bad, she took the Zofran.

I’ll have ~ing honest, I thought taking a bath in Epsom Salts was the same of those old country folklore cures with respect to aches and pains. Turns out there is some real science behind this inexpensive restoration. Magnesium Sulfate contains magnesium, sulfate and oxygen and have power to be absorbed through the skin to master inflammation and help remove toxins.

Probiotics are acquisition more and more attention these days. With in like manner many americans experiencing irritable bowels and other gastrointestinal problems, we lay away hearing about the positive benefits of probiotics. Some novel ‘noise’ about probiotics even put in mind of their use could reduce anxiety and excavation.

Again, some simple science and analysis of the process of reasoning apply to the essential use of probiotics for the time of Lyme treatment. Antibiotic use is not theoretically a great quantity different than chemotherapy. Antibiotics kill bacteria… because much as possible. You are prescribed antibiotics specifically targeted to some bacteria, but put simply… they kill some of the good bacteria onward with the bad. The human GI tract contains more than 500 species of bacteria that assistant break down food, strengthen immunity, and keeper off pathogens. When you disrupt this moral of good bacteria, you will possess symptoms.

Here’s one of the scarcely any times I will recommend an actual crops. We tried a variety of probiotics. Fortunately, Rachel’s helper physician (I’ll get to this in a instant) recommended VSL #3. Without going into over much detail, this probiotic, which sourness be kept refrigerated, contains 112.5 billion live bacteria… abundant more than your average grocery store brand. And my final recommendation kin to probiotics is the importance of apprehension them at the right time of ~light. You need a minimum of two hours between a dose of antibiotic and probiotic capsules. Otherwise you’ll slay those billions of expensive live bacteria.

I cursory reference these four things used to serve Rachel through treatment because there are immense numbers of supplements (and diets) offered to withstand patients through Lyme treatment. I can’t assert they don’t all work, still I can tell you we tried a portion of things. We tried eliminating gluten. We tried eliminating soy. (She felt worse through both.)

Ginger ale, Epsom Salt, sickness of the stomach medication and probiotics were our essentials. We likewise committed to a multi-vitamin and other vitamin supplements, except when you struggle to keep etc. food and the required antibiotics, at a past period you have to choose. I don’t count these efforts hurt, but you should have ~ing very cautious when trying supplement after supplement. Frankly, there are snake oil salesmen public there willing to take your currency when you are desperate for in ~ degree way to help someone suffering by Lyme.

As I’ve mentioned, Rachel began handling with a doctor over an sixty minutes and a half away from our home, workmanship it a three hour round trip… plus the time actually spent with the medical man. Just as we got her up and going sinewy with treatment, this doctor had to stir up. She had an ailing parent in California and would have ~ing leaving her practice just four months into Rachel’s management.

So we began searching again. I made dozens of calls, hitherto I couldn’t find a savant in the Atlanta area knowledgeable or minded to treat our daughter. Then, through which I am certain was divine agency, I met a young woman who had rightful finished two years of treatment by a doctor out of the Baltimore kitchen-yard. Long story short, I convinced this physician to see Rachel. We flew to Baltimore and she continued to derive oral antibiotic treatment for the next year. Her blood work was performed locally, and we managed appointments by way of phone calls. Rachel rotated between doxycycline and flagyl. She continued to Herx and struggle, end she was slowly… very slowly improving.

About a year into manipulation, and again through divine intervention, we ground Dr. P. I had spoken to this pestilential disease doctor’s office previously around treating Rachel, but was told the exercise was unable to take more Lyme patients at the time. This wasn’t for the cause that he had been threatened he’d dislodge his medical license, or any of the other rumors you may attend going around about Lyme doctors. In Dr. P’s trial, insurance companies had come back in the manner that much as a year after manipulation and asked for money back from the habitual performance . (I had no idea insurance companies could perform this.)

Enough time had elapsed during the term of the practice and Dr. P agreed to escort Rachel to evaluate her condition. I agreed that, admitting that necessary, we’d pay for her management out of pocket. (You become very desperate when your child starts talking over needing a wheelchair.) Dr. P continued her handling, but changed her antibiotic to minocycline to try to address her neurological symptoms. Minocycline crosses the blood-brain barrier. She continued to improve, continued to Herx and continued to draw the sword. After approximately six months of extra oral treatment, Dr. P felt it was time to try IV antibiotics.

Rachel began the summer of 2013 through a picc line in her left anterior limb. We cautiously and carefully administered IV Rocephin at home reaped ground day for 12 weeks, and her neurological symptoms in the end began to diminish. By the close of 12 weeks the numbness in her legs and scutcheon was gone. The brain fog was gone. She was dormant better and feeling better. Dr. P offer her back on oral antibiotics as far as concerns six more months just to be sure symptoms didn’t return. We esteem been fortunate to see her last to stay healthy for over a year at this time. We’re still watchful and keen to retreat if necessary, but we believe Rachel has beaten Lyme disease toward now.



Epsom Salt

Lyme distemper



I have also tried acupuncture and other supplements that I have researched.