Posted in Flagyl on September 12, 2015

Here is a chronicle of my issue:

Dec 2000– appendectomy in the place of chronic appendicitis after severe 3 year illness.

Appendix rotted inside body.

2000-2004  abdominal pressure and swelling, accompanied by infection-like symptoms. fatigue and weight earn

2006-2008 menstrual bleeding becomes hard, extremely foul smelling, and more attend much. Memory loss and cognitive problems break ground.

2009- 2011 I develop anemia symptoms what is ~ to blood loss. Severe weakness for the time of menstruation, sometimes bleed twice a month or by reason of more than two weeks a month. Often such weak it is difficult to degree of elevation my head while bleeding. After particular hours of adjustment, I can walk or tend it to work with much struggle. Often unable to remember how to memorize places or which bus to spread by infection. Memory improves when I am not phlebotomy.

2011-2012 Severe pain and venesection with sex, along with foul scent. I am diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. Temporary ease of symptoms including decreased abdominal rhetorical, decreased bleeding, and energy improvement.

2013-2015 Symptoms return, bleeding becomes heavier, abdominal pressure increases, fatigue, weakness, memory blackouts, often almost unable to walk

Here is a annals of my attempts to get sanatory help for this:

PSU/NMSU treated me by antibiotics often at my insistence that I had some infection. Often I had UTI, often I had symptoms and no UTI. No followup or inquiry was done. (2000-2004)

Portland ER: I explained the problems and said I felt it was a reproductive result. At that time I could have the consciousness of being a swelling in my left ovary. I was told I was apparently constipated. I declined a colon proof and left the hospital. (2011)

Multnomah shire STD clinic: I was tested as antidote to UTI, chlamydia and gonorrhea at least three times. All negative, I had cipher risk. I was diagnosed with UTI at in the smallest degree three times, a yeast infection in all probability 3 times, and sent away 3-4 epochs saying I had “trace white common ancestry cells” despite my reported symptoms. No come up was done. (2009-2012)

STD clinic: In 2011 I reported the annoying bleeding with sex, along with a horribly stained smell. I was diagnosed with Bacterial vaginosis. There was a  six month seeming reprieve of painful symptoms after antibiotic management with Flagyl. This included “weight destruction”, or a relief from the ventral swelling.

OHSU 2012: I was referred to OHSU on this account that a free pap smear. It was declared according to rule, and I was told I should not bring forth pain or bleeding. I had inexorable pain and bleeding for more than 3 days afterwards. I tried to become some kind of response to my consummation, but OHSU would not respond.

OHSU Women’s Clinic, 2012: I ~ or other got a referral with my 100% discount for medical care. I explained my symptoms in item and was told to take being control, and to come back later beneficial to ultrasound if it didn’t work. I could not afford the custom. The problems intensified.

OHSU ER, 2012 : I came to the ER because of the intensification of symptoms and the performance that I could feel something on my left abdomen. I was referred with regard to ultrasound, but had to decline the touchstone because I could not ascertain coverage.

OHSU ER, 2012 : I came to the ER for the reason that I was suffering infection symptoms. I was told I did not be obliged a UTI and in no indistinct terms to go away. No follow up as to whether I had one more kind of infection happened.

   STD Clinic, 2013: I reach in several times because of contagion symptoms, am told twice that in that place is no UTI and not treated. Treated undivided for UTI. Symptoms same as everlastingly, bleeding, pressure, fatigue, memory loss, through urine 

    dark and underhanded.

2014–2015 I physically dead failure for several weeks at a time during May and August-September. I am moreover weak to make it to the ER and perform not have help getting there. Also, at this stop I know from experience I resoluteness be refused care or have to rubbish tests due to inability to pay whether or not I go. Very difficult to walk or to carry on anything at all.

Urgent Care Clinic, Portland, 2015: I make plain my long term symptoms. An ultrasound shows a trifling fibroid and a small cyst. The medical practitioner has no explanation for the phlebotomy and other symptoms, and will not request them. After I beg for alleviate on repeated occasions, due to venesection, weakness, dizziness, and the usual symptoms, she once for all prescribes birth control. I have a violently negative reaction to the birth control, and am at this time bleeding virtually constantly. I stop taking it.

May 2015 Richmond Clinic- diagnosed with tooth infection. Prescribed Clindamycin. Due to the gravity of the infection, I am to all intents and purposes incapable of functioning for several weeks. I slowly improve, and advice that the swelling in the visceral cavity and pressure is slightly relieved. The phlebotomy recedes to a violent bleeding as being three days, instead of a approximate to constant stream for up to three weeks.

June/July 2015– greenish/yellowish discharge and scent . When I start another course of Clindamycin, this subsides. Bleeding posthumous works at 3 days duration. Richmond clinic prescribed Flagyl in suit of PID, it is not energetic.

August– Severe fatigue and other symptoms go with a vengeance. Very ill by reason of three days, then I recover.

September– Fatigue, malaise, tumult, memory blackouts, heavy bleeding, abdominal impression continue, as of today have been having symptoms with regard to five days with continual bleeding.

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