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The Halloween Horror Marathon returns to Rock Star Journalist, starting this Thursday. Once again, we’re doing a weekly team-up with Liam O’Donnell of Cinepunx with a view to his Journal of Fear. You have power to find the complete list after the leap. We’re doing some thematic things this year: Resurrection Sundays, by zombie movies; New Movie Mondays, tegument films that were released in the hindmost year; Fulci Fridays, where we accomplish a Lucio Fulci film with Liam; and Cinematic Saturdays, in what place we cover a film we axiom in an actual movie theater the night before.


1 Tourist Trap
2 Don’t Torture A Duckling #
3 The Green Inferno ^
4 The Dead Next Door +
5 It Follows *
6 Spookies
7 Witchboard
8 Slither
9 Zombie Flesh Eaters #
10 The Final Girls ^
11 Living Dead Girl +
12 Housebound *
13 Dead & Buried
14 Frogs
15 Madman
16 Cat in the Brain #
17 Crimson Peak ^
18 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue +
19 Cooties *
20 Lurking Fear
21 Dead Pit
22 Dolls
23 The Black Cat #
24 The Last Witch Hunter ^
25 Anthropophagus +
26 We Are Still Here *
27 Curtains
28 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
29 Eyes of a Stranger
30 A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin #
31 Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse ^

+ Resurrection Sundays (zombie movies)
* New Movie Mondays (modern releases)
# Fulci Fridays (with Liam O’Donnell)
^ Cinema Saturdays (movies in one actual theater)

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