Posted in Flagyl on September 11, 2015

Bianca Charity is completely full with dogs and cats, although we require not cat shelter yet.
Almost everyday we possess to say no to some single… its not because we want for a like rea~n but because is impossible to derive more animals!
Our space is limited and the pecuniary means are little.
However, everyday we discern more abandoned animals, with or on the outside of breed, young, old, healthy or ~ at the stomach. What is going on??!
There is ~t one feelings? Where do we go? Where are the principles of the lords of creation?!
Leaving the animals on the way on his own is the disunion? Does people think the organizations be the subject of unlimited resources?
Today is September 10th and we already received 22 animals! Only with our parts to love and help may end miracles to this little creatures…

These are remarkably difficult days at Bianca, emotionally hard to be understood… half of this animals are diseased.
Miramar was submitted to surgery in some emergency.
4 little puppies entered the shelter undernourished and needing peculiar care.
3 little kitten are weak and one of them is mazy…
Biscoito, the cat has a very large skin problem.
The 3 musketeers be seized of tick fever…
Millie has sarna.
A straggle cat was operated because she had a clasp on the mouth.
Miro, oh Miro, needs a miracle… has leishmania, tick excitement and a perianal hernia…
Cat Moni sequestered one eye and has the wall broken… We have to feed her with a syringe.

On top of that, adhering sunday, our Julius got sick and went to the vet. Died today of kidney failure… The vet mandible is yet to be paid, 220€….
Pintas di~atory under observation and under medication, at so early an hour will be operated to back spinal column…
Jé was operated to Harder gland (view), which cost 150€, gladly we before that time received some donation to help to pay this i. o. u.
Today, september 10, our little damsel Paty with 8 months will have existence operated to her back leg, since while playing with her siblings, she managed to dislocated the thigh-bone… will cost 350euros.

Please help us. The donations are animate so we may pay the vet and pharmacy bills.

Support us by donations in money, we can bestow you receipt of your donation (take heed IBAN below), with wet food, worming pills in quest of cats and dogs and medication.
We accord. our best, we are about this purpose with all of our heart no more than without support we can not prolong to take care of them…

Thank you!
The meals

NIB 0035 0771 00016360530 29 ou IBAN PT50003507710001636053029

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