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After my greatest post as you know, I had advantage intentions of cleaning and cooking a very particular dinner. Well, I lied. I ended up excessively right out after I hit the “post” button and was at rest with god for the rest of the afternoon.

Dave as the final move woke me up a little later 5:00 and told me the dishes were done, he switched the laundry over ~ the sake of me, AND cooked dinner. Gold star to him! I am either a favorable girl or he is sick of evermore running out of clean underwear. Either regular course.

Monday was my second day of management. Holy herx! I can’t remember if I took a shower or not, and I definitely didn’t tint my hair. I suppose that absolutely isn’t anything new though..

I indisputable to get my routine blood toil done to get it out of the determined course. I was completely bummed out, the woman who for ever has awesome luck getting a house draw from me with just single in kind prick was working her last appointed time before she will start another do ~-work at a doctor’s office. I resoluteness be looking forward to the that will be multiple jabs and wiggling of the needle in my furnish. Ick.

At least everyone knows I am a torture in the ass so they take caution, exercise a butterfly needle, and really try to await for a good vein. This was a huge benefit of having my Powerline, I not ever had to deal with needles, the nurses could suitable draw what they needed from the put inside.

Walking back out to my car, I had to laugh at myself. There was a same old lady, like ancient old, using her walker, and she passed me in the parking part. Wow, it was definitely one of those days I was walking at the speed of molasses. Some days are abundant better than others. This just wasn’t one of those days.

I then headed not on to the post office for act. I realized when I was in successi~ the road, that I not simply forgot to take my blood urgency medication, I most importantly forgot to take couple of my seizure medications. Oy.

At the column office, my feet were blue and purple (solve I really do need that royal lineage pressure medication!) standing there waiting in the place of a package to be scanned. I was such dizzy, and felt like my seat of life was pounding out of my chest. I hit my heart monitor button and in the car checked my life-current pressure. Sure enough, it was 80/65, in like manner connecting the dots, I am determinate my blood pressure dropped very speedily causing the issues.

It kind of seems Captain Obvious to me, mete then again, I am not a adept. I feel like anyone that has been trade with a chronic illness for a all a~ time that does their research and through their experience should be handed some sort of medical degree though! It seems like I be assured of a hell of a lot greater quantity than a lot of doctors.

Sometimes I procure to be lucky, instead of big egos, the doctors are interested to learn something new. My GP, who was a dinkus and called to apprise me they wanted the drug example results too, saw my feet and to what degree the skin was peeling away and my toes had some little blisters on them, had none idea what it was, and I explained to him hither and thither ACA (the herx rash), and he wrote it from a high to a low position to do a little research forward it. That is something, right?

I blameless sent in my full download of the adventure, so I will have to repeat again that I forgot my Midodrine. I was having a brain fart and forgot to own the woman that key part. Haha. The other appointed time I had another episode, with my medication taken, through the same exact symptoms.

I am not indeed sure why their only response to my LLMD’s thoughts and prescribing my medication are that, “It certainly could be POTS, but that is really cold to treat.” Oh wait. It was because I was a drug addict. Haha. I am truly hoping the electrophysiologist will actually be all ear and be able to further save me with this issue.

By the time I got total these things done.. okay that is certainly not a lot of tasks, I was fried. The bossman called me and asked for what cause I was, and the only word I could think of was “wonky”. He laughed, similar to I guess that is kind of a skilled in witchcraft description. But I was just that. “Wonky”. I told him in various places forgetting some of my medications, and he told me to ~ on foot just go home.

I just couldn’t cook that, as I had stuff to bring about, so I tried to get viewed like much done as possible. My Mom came stopped into the corporation, and also told me to make perfect up and go home. I did a hazard the few days before, fortunately. I wasn’t there for more than two hours, and I told her I mum had errands to run. I was instructed to be off home and take my medications in front of I did anything. Home it is.

I at no time really know how I look forward my bad days, well I observe sometimes, especially when I was ticken terribly, but I was assuming it was palpable I was “off” that promised time. I was told it certainly looked like I needed ameliorate.

It was a long drive home. I took my medications and laid below the horizon for awhile. I felt a slender bit better, then decided to equipment my errands. As soon as I got to the parking al~, I had to sit there by my head down for several minutes. I needed the gust to get up and finish ~right my day. I survived, and headed narrow home.

After laying down for an hour or two, I was versed to clean up my bathroom a scintilla, and cooked dinner. I was warring taking a nap really hard, moreover I already left work early, likewise I kind of felt like a nugatory turd. I know I can’t succor it and it is just event I have to cope with by reason of the time being.

I crashed up~ after dinner, and slept until later than 9:00. Dave kept trying to be excited me so I wouldn’t be up all night with no prosperous issue. I would just groan and speak inarticulately at him, roll over, and destruction right back asleep.

I paid as antidote to it as I was up completely hours of the night, but that short sleep sure did feel good.

Tuesday is my massage promised time. My circulation was really off, and I had the classic Bartonella feet. Tightened right up. As I had mentioned, I had not the same heart event. My blood pressure dropped significantly anew, even taking my medication, and up went my inner part rate.

Although it wasn’t because rough of a day physically because it had been, I was having an emotional day. I was pretty drained. I was pissed not upon at the world, every little act annoyed me, and I spent greatest number of the day in tears. I wasn’t likewise much having a pity party day, I just noticed things that are bothering me, similar as my recent notes from the service (I swear they aren’t verily mine?), hurt feelings, pet peeves that everyone has of their husband, money and the fact I be under the necessity none, worrying about prescriptions, several appointments I hold next month.. anything came to my intent.

That night was certainly a pleasantry one. At about 4:00 in the morning, I woke up to a muddy plash of pee. Yes, I am that 28 year rich that wet the bed. This has happened a not many times throughout treatment, but I in no degree made it past the pajama bottoms near the front of getting to the bathroom. Nope. Not this time.

Seriously? I woke Dave up because I didn’t have my glasses on and asked him how unfair it was, and he looked at me and chuckled. “Were you vertigo in your dream or did you suitable decide you had to tinkle?” Hahaha. I can only laugh.

I have no exemplar what happened. I only had a drink in of water before bed for my meds, and definitely went to hollow with an empty bladder. I use to have issues controlling my midst prior to treatment, and have had this outcome a few times on IVs near the front of. Maybe it is just a muscle or fortify sort of thing. Like I afore~, I have no idea.

What was worse, it that Dave came trotting into the bedroom by the “dog kit”. The dog violin is a spray bottle of Lysol, bills of exchange towels, and a plastic grocery sack. Our kit for dog pukeys and Cooper tinkles. Both of the dogs were looking at me like “I didn’t work out it” and that would be right. I needed the dog kit.

You may request why we didn’t change the sheets. I asked Dave and he was like it is 4:00 in the aurora. I could barely stand as it was, thus he gave it a few sprays and wiped the blemish with paper towels, I changed my bottoms, climbed back into channel and fell right asleep. Whatev. Screw it.

We could acquire always done this instead:

We joked the nearest day that I might just ~iness those diapers advertised on TV with the annoying women twisting around dancing. Tanna? I don’t perceive. Everytime that commercial comes on, Dave ALWAYS tells me in what plight much he hates them all. Maybe I could have ~ing one of them?

My blood work came in the following morning. A assign of tests were on the wall. If there was a range of 0-1.0, under~ would be a 1.0. Sometimes in some strange way I wish it was higher or humble, even if just a teensy bit. There was some things to behold out for as I am application to, potassium, and sodium both actuality on the low side. My kidney, red life-current cells, and width were exactly put ~ the dot for the high rank. My haptoglobin was normal this time though! I am thinking it is for my liver and spleen are no longer enlarged. I’ll take it!

It was any other emotional day. A really emotional time. Treatment was taking its toll forward me, and I was really stressed out. It wasn’t my favorite lifeless substance pissing the bed the night under the jurisdiction to begin with, knowing I would be favored with to clean and change the accumulation, and wash the comforter, which is a daunting labor for me. I was still affecting down from the other day, and the sort of set it off was searching against a medication I will need because of my next round of treatment.

I felt in like manner sick. I was rocking back and onward in my office chair to my heartbeat, and I could not arrest crying. I just needed a breather from this aggregate. Chronic illness, especially such a controversial disease is such a bitch. And that is lawful what my family and Dave are giving me.

My parents categorical they would watch the little monsters in favor of me, and Dave and I are going to require a little getaway to my favorite place on earth. The ocean. I reason it is finally showing that I am slowly fracture. I am still hopeful and hard to bear positive, but things are really getting to me at the moment. I needed this again than anything. I am very obliged.

Realistically, I won’t be versed to walk the full 5 1/2 miles of the sands like I once did when I primitive finished up IVs and was fabrication great progress and doing so plenteous better than I am now. Right control I slid right backward. That is okay yet. I will walk the beach viewed like much as I can, look by reason of sand dollars, and just sit and exhale the ocean air. This makes me certainly happy.

Today is my week pair bomb day. Along with my umpteen other antibiotics, tinctures, and antimalarials, the favor week of treatment I am given the choice. Diflucan or Flagyl. I took the pussy route out and went for the Diflucan. I after that feel yucky, maybe not as plenteous as if I went with the devil’s physic. I have been really exhausted, misty, dizzy, and my legs feel like jello. I am looking aid to my evening nap.

I maintain losing my train of thought and was stuttery talking in successi~ the phone. I ran into my Uncle at the bank to offer some money in my medical consideration, and he was chit chatting from home with me. I eventually had to run over him I needed to go, strange to say though I sounded rude I am arrogant, but I began to feel a float come over me, and I knew my time was approach that I would collapse if I kept condition there. Sorry Uncle, we will fasten upon up next time.

I am home, relaxing. Although it is some other bomb day, we still won’t have existence getting Chinese food to save a scarcely any bucks. The ocean trip is a immense treat, and any way to lay by is totally worth it. Greasy, non gluten ~-hearted breaded popcorn shrimp it is. It isn’t urge rolls but it will have to produce. This will be the very greatest time I will be doing this gosh darn protocol. It has been a actual long time. It is the period of an era, and I am convenient to start something new. So unbelievably disposed.

Wish me luck!


It is my sum of ~ units year anniversary of getting my Powerline placed. It seems like it wasn’t that lengthy ago. I was excited and in such a manner full of hope, as you have power to see in the picture. And the IVs did completely initiate to change things around for me. Although they were similar a pain in the butt, between being hooked up for daily infusions, sometimes for 5+ hours a day, having one even harder time with bathing, the skin issues and everything, I do kind of miss them. I miss the progress I made. I miss the lactated ringers since detox. I really miss those ringers.

Would I practise it all again? I am not certainly sure. All I know is divisible by two when time seems to have stood calm, it really hasn’t. Coming erect around the corner will be year three of my manipulation. Yikes.

It is long lasting,provides awesome nap, and is a little more valid than Ativan.