Posted in Flagyl on September 19, 2015


This is the before anything else time I have posted on hither and I am quite desperately hoping someone be able to help.

I have three MC kittens, Freya and Teddy are stricken in years 5 months, and Rafa is 2.5 weeks younger. I have had Freya and Teddy pair months and after about a week Freya developed a stomch upset. Took her to the vet who gave antibiotics and reported it was likely due to me transitioning them opposite Aldi adult catfood onto Lilys Kitchen kitten. He likewise put them both on virbac digestive arid food, and after a week or in this way I started feeding half Lilys again.

Things settled a bit, but four weeks later I got Rafa who closely went down with a tummy upset involving runny stools that he got all over his back end meaning I had to bath him everyday. He had fecal tests, afterward a course of antibiotics, then a turn of panacur liquid, and I started adding probiotics paste to the Virbac make ~ and Hills Prescription wet gastric commons that all three are back put ~. Rafa now seems much better, and the tests came back negative, nevertheless now Teddy has been horrendous beneficial to a couple of weeks with runny stools that permission him in a stinking matted hotch-potch meaning I have to bath him up to three seasons a day. Vet is doing greater degree of detailed tests and since Fri he has been without interrupti~ Stomorgyl antibiotic. Since then the flux has been at least three spells as bad and getting all throughout him. Tried to clip him unless he freaked out so looking against a professional to do it because I hate hurting him when bathing him and furminating the matted faeces out.

Could Stomorgyl have caused the deterioration? Does anyone know what I be able to do? I am at my wits end. They are every one of wormed, fleaed, and vaccinated. Waste is removed from litters as soon as I consider it to an outside bin, litters washed loudly and disinfected once a week. I don’t know what else to be sufficient.



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