Posted in Flagyl on September 1, 2015

Currently using whore and bactrim. Im pulsing flagyl mete can only take 1x500mg dose and it smashes me acid.i feel like crap and really depressed from flagyl die off. At the flash im using flagyl once maybe two times a week depending on work.

is tindamax added tolerable?
Is grape seed extract powerful and tolerable?

I wonder if I fair have a crap load of pouch form bacteria going by the sharp die off. Is it going to be bad initially no matter what and straightforward need to suck it up?

counsel on detox would be appreciated . Nac and lipoic sharp i use to help liver occupation. Recently added activated charcoal for at the time that I have die off but other tip on making die off indifferent would be great.


But I definitely understand what you mean about it essence something that drives you to God.

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