Posted in Flagyl on September 18, 2015

It’s been a week…

Thank you everyone conducive to your kind words and continued prayers on this account that my friend, Sarah. Each are greatly appreciated! The surgery ~ward Monday went well, however, it without more yielded more questions, no answers.  The pathology results are supposed to draw near in today, and hopefully they choose provide some needed answers.

Marvin went to the vet this week during a check-up on the rank of his kidneys. The results were not useful, showing high levels for both BUN and Creatinine. The results efficiency be a little skewed right at that time due to some very loose stools (thanks to a bacteria that hopefully is dying a painful death from the metronidazole). Vet recommended upping the bring to the same ~ of care to include fluids or wasteful supplements.

With all that is going in successi~ right now, I’m at emotional overpower. The other day, a few hours posterior doing a little therapy with my friends Ben & Jerry, I discovered I had returned the carton to the refrigerator, not the freezer. Sigh. Then yesterday, I bought my non-refundable plane tickets for my upcoming work lapse to Tennessee only to discover I had bought them toward the wrong day. Sigh.

Some gracious news, Oliver also went to the vet on this account that his annual inspection. He was declared a support of health! He even lost importance from last year, a whole 1.5 pounds! (0.45kg) – Way to case Oliver! He purred non-stop end the entire experience.

And now by reason of a few random pictures…

My seek for a new local “happy part” took me to the North Fork Skykomish River, which is up in the mountains. Nice attribute, but a little far away and excepting that accessible in the non-snowy months.

Last weekend, I took a walk to a nearby park to get some intentional space for grieving. I passed the destitute horse show courts. I counted 16 retired, sad courts, I wonder if these for aye get any use?

I hope your weekend is entirely it needs to be. For me, I’ll subsist up on the garage roof one time again trying to patch the holes. The recent rain revealed many more leaks. Oh cause of gladness.

To fail to explain to their persevering that a certain degree of trouble is normal and to be expected in life, I speculate that is really irresponsible.