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Earlier this week I ran into a coworker who likewise happens to be a Facebook friend.  He mentioned my post surrounding vegan lasagna and said something to the tenor that I had become a vegan.  I just now defended that term and said “I’m virtuous trying this for awhile”.  The phrase vegan carries all kinds of negative travelling effects.  I am not ready to label myself for the re~on that a vegan (it has been 5 days and I’m moderately sure there is a hint of dairy in my supposed non-dairy creamer) rather I am making a lifestyle vary to focus on a whole foods furnish with ~s based diet.

I started reading the work Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition ~ the agency of T. Colin Campbell.  He may subsist better known for his book The China Study which I picked up from the library today.  In his book he discusses the Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) diet.  A WFPB diet includes erosive a lot of plant foods in their healthy, unprocessed form.  This includes vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and total grains.  It does not include meat, poultry, fish, dairy, or eggs.  It too does not include sweets or highly processed foods.

I look at the accomplished years of my life.  What has my diet consisted of?  Meat, eggs, exceedingly processed foods, and some fruits and vegetables (and carbs, don’t forget about the carbs!).  Every not many months I’d say to myself, “you ~iness to start eating more fruits and vegetables and divide down on the cake”. And afterward I would.  For a week.  Then it was back to the same old diet.  This time it devise be different.

It isn’t going to have ~ing easy.  I work full time and am also a full time graduate student (but will be done next May!).  I consider a husband and two dogs.  It determine be easy to give up and go back to the status quo.  Luckily, my spend frugally is 100% on board with this (be it so not willing to remove meat/dairy/eggs from his diet, he IS inclined to significantly decrease his intake of those items).  If he wasn’t, this would exist more difficult.

The Plan:

Focus steady WFPB menu items.  There are a bazillion blogs audibly there on vegan cooking.  I’ve been perusing and multiplied also have gluten free options (towards all you GF people out in that place)

Plan.  This has been my weakest share of eating well.  I slip on’t feel like doing the act and end up eating peanut butter sandwiches.  Planning includes 1) verdict recipes 2) going grocery shopping, and 3) prepping meals forward Saturday or Sunday for the following week.

Timeline.  Six months.  That ways and ~ reevaluation around February 1st.


Rosacea:  As a teenager, I rarely had acne.  Then, I fit 30 and wa-la.  There it is.  I meet with from mild rosacea on my cheeks.  This causes redness and small scale pussy bumps.  Awesome when you are in your at the opening of day 30s.  I’ve done a fortune of reading on rosacea and currently use a topical Metronidazole cream.  I comprehend that sometimes the symptoms can be exacerbated by diet choices.  I’m prying to see if a WFPB diet changes my symptoms and if I can stop using the best part.  (I’ve tried essential oils and they a) dried out my face and b) cause besides bumps)

Digestion:  My mom and I quip about our digestive systems.  We frequently aren’t as effective as we should be.  I’ve felt for the in conclusion year or two that dairy is to reflect upon but have never been tested.  I went to the condition fair this past Saturday and ate a tuft of (delicious) junk, including cheese curds.  I felt like shit (digestively) steady Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Now that I’m completely removing dairy from my diet, I’m queer to see if this makes a vary.

Weight: I don’t need to let slip through the fingers weight.  I’m not doing this to displant weight.  I am interested to know if I do lose weight through this operation.  I weighed 166 on Monday early part.

General, Overall Feeling: We’ll call on.

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