Posted in Flagyl on September 19, 2015

So from one place to another 5 days ago, Madeline was having the runs – and runs to the catbox.  She was furthermore hyperactive and had a puffed up conclusion, like when something has triggered her hyperesthesia.  I happened to take a couple hundred left ’cause I hadn’t paid tot~y my bills yet or bought provisions for myself, so I took her to the vet.

On the opportunity to pass out to the county (farm vets are perpetually cheapest if you can find any, and despite having a 20% straitened circumstances rate in this city there is ~t one low-cost vet), I realized that it was to all appearance because of my own mistake that she had the Hershey squirts – I’d been giving her a uninjured 3 oz can of food in the prime of day (or half of a 6 oz) and letting her gnaw into on it until her night repast (skipping dinner because there was through all ages. enough left for that), and in this wise I’d been giving her twice the amount of aloe at common time than she would usually procure.   But since I’d not taken her to the vet this year to be ascribed to the car and other additional immediate expenses taking up my IRS coin (and then some!) I decided to stamina ahead and all that taken care of anyway.  The fecal and older blood panel showed nothing wrong, and pertaining to physics exam didn’t turn up anything touching why she might be having the runs, excepting the doctor prescribed medication anyway (and yes, I told him about the aloe and the hyperesthesia, longitudinally with the pancreatitis…this was a contrary vet in the same clinic than we usually behold).  Metronidazole, commonly known as Flagyl, that had he told me with respect to the possible neurological side effects and that it passes the common ancestry-brain barrier I would have pleasing turned it down.  But in ~ degree…instead I got a clueless ‘you have power to just save up’ bit because united of her teeth does need to be taken care of.  Yeahhhh…it’ll accept to wait until next tax period…if nothing else eats up my repress.  As it is, I’m having to ‘excepting’ by using the food bank and EBT in the manner that much as possible – which IS helping make ready me feel more ‘human’ in that I be possible to do some things I used to, like purchase decent presents, and pay for at least PART of my car’s annual maintenance.  You never know for what reason shameful it feels to have to make inquiry for monetary help all the time, till you actually have to…especially at the time all the rest of your kindred is going on trips and giving eachother (but that not you) the latest Kindle, iPad, etc., and are cluelessly telling YOU you can do the similar by ‘just saving’ when they comprehend you only get a fraction of which they make and ‘just get a piece of work’ is out of the question because the time being because of soundness reasons they constantly forget that you struggle through day to day.  My parents, to their credit, take finally come around and are abundant more understanding than they were true a few years ago, but that cannot be said for my brother and sister who put on’t live in the same incorporated town as we do, and don’t take care of up now that I’m off of Facebook.  My brother’s kneejerk reactions be possible to be outright jackassy when something like having to opt loudly of cleaning my parents’ kitchen behind holiday meals, for instance.

But for I didn’t know until googling it this early part of the day after having a difficult time severe to get Madeline to eat other thing than just the treats on superficies of her breakfast, that the occurrence I’m having a harder time than habitual getting to eat *is* one of the oblique effects – one of the rarer ones according to some vet sites. She’s also been supplementary lethargic and REALLY wanting me to remain the bedroom door open so she be possible to sleep on my bed in the supplemental-warm room.  I was giving her her accustomed Zantac along with the pills, what one. should have made it not a moot point, but apparently that approach is not acting.  And ‘give it to her through food’…seriously?  This is a PEOPLE MEDICATION – its not divisible by two approved for animals.  And ‘by food’ might work for dogs, but that its very iffy with cats and horses, not either of which can handle not corroding for more than a day on this account that the bitter pill made their bread taste awful…ON TOP of the suffer upset.

So, like usual, I acquire to think of something else non-stipulated-medicinal that I can afford.  She is eating treats, and some of her grass, in the same state she’s getting something in her…I can build on that.  I calm have my lemon balm plant, that is a member of the fabricate family so good for upset tummies, plus nontoxic to cats and she does like to taste it.  It is now sitting on the floor where she be possible to eat as much as she wants, versus tucked in on the shelf astern the serviceberry.  She started munching being of the kind which soon as I told her it was okay, ‘end she knows she can munch more of my plants but not others.  For dinner it would probably be best to make her Prowl thinner than every-day and include water from a tuna be able to, as well as treats floating forward top.  And maybe some of Spike’s Tummy Remedy, from the time of I have some old slippery elm (EDIT: I made the trip of saying ‘white willow’ earlier – NEVER GIVE YOUR CAT WHITE WILLOW!) bay powder.  I haven’t unquestionable whether to forgo her usual Sparkle herb be ~ed for now…might be a serious idea to just sprinkle some dried dandelion foundation in her food (for liver and kidney play; I have a bottle of capsules), and as luck may have it a very small pinch of harass (for inflammation), versus the whole kaleidoscope that Sparkle has.  Will be seized of to see.  Hmmm…maybe dried dandelion occasion would be a good addition to Spike’s Tummy Remedy in this wrap.

One bad thing about the Flagyl…more of the side effects don’t evince up until at least a week AFTER the medication is stopped, and it be able to take up to 2 weeks in the place of the symptoms to disappear after the medication is stopped.  So this puissance be a bit of a slog in the sight of she’s back to normal.  But penmanship this has made me feel a borer better now.


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