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Sixteen years gone today, I brought home a trivial one year old siamese cat from the shire animal shelter. When I met her, she was sniffly through a respiratory virus, and when I took her on the ~side of her cage, she curled up in my cover with her head in my transmit. When I brought her home she slept in a trivial willow basket. Little did I be assured of what a determined little hellion she could be when well, but still the like little woobie with head in my power when tired to this day. Today Saki is 17 years ~en, or thereabouts. Happy Birthday, my Saki!

There are bonus pink Tuxie paw pads on the acme of the pic above beyond Saki.

Her assurance paws are weak–she walks attached her whole front feet, not equitable the toes as healthy cats cook. I don’t know if the tendons are sickly, or she has neuropathy. I slip on’t know if she’s got arthritic anxiety or not. She doesn’t personate a character, and her tail does not stamina straight up high in the aspect behind her anymore, but her gust is great and her face is totality aquiver when I bring her her pill pockets or other treats. She’s 12 and a half pounds up from almost 8 pounds a embrace of years ago and looks smooth and shining and filled out–she could positively use to lose a pound. And she ever purrs when pet or brushed and licks me and Tuxie, and she looks like she’s resting comfortably most of the time.

When I took her to the vet 2 weeks past, we found her thyroid levels are a selfish low now, so we’ve lowered her dose a tad. And the vet afore~ the flagyl we’ve been giving her diurnal for years could be causing neuropathy and it is formerly reversible, so we’ve quartered her prescribed portion . She does seem to be hastily more energetic, walking a little greater degree briskly, and is talking a scanty more like her old self–she was comely silent for a while. So I regard she’s feeling a little more appropriate than she has been the spent couple of months. I’ll take her in to the vet in 2 weeks to visit how her thyroid levels are doing and visit if we can lower her steroid dose, and see if that helps. The foot problem developed this spring–I trust we can get them better and serve her feel as good as she looks. And she looks darned useful for a little old lady of 17 years.

So up~ the birthday party menu for every part of of us today was roast chicken, garnished through catnip for the furry members of the family, along with a fresh pot of wheat grass, crumpled dried catnip blade showers, and for dessert, sardines. There were flatter balls in a bag of catnip, ~-end she was only mildly interested in sniffing them.

Now we work toward 18. And if she makes it to 18, she’ll have existence able to vote for president next fall. Here’s to Ms. Saki Took!

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