Posted in Flagyl on September 26, 2015

Bear in a Box

Hi everyone… update in c~tinuance Lil Bear… He’s doing more usefully and gained his appetite back on this account that the most part and no mo re diarrhea. Though every time I give him some canned commons with his Metronidazole, everything comes back up. I called the vet and he said to stop the meds and take care if he keeps his food down…  

More – hopefully good mewz furry betimes.

Our family has a kitty going to call upon a possible forever home on Monday too. (Not Bear’s mom-Angel who was some all white kitty.)


Angel (2) likes dogs – plays sell for

Sweet and comes when called. Angel (2) was left at my native’s neighbor by a friend in rehab, who never came back for her. When he left rehab, alone got another kitten.  Angel (2) necessarily a home with a friendly laid back dog that loves cats.


Syrian body politic forces are using detained civilians in the manner that human shields, placing them on tanks in the besieged incorporated town of Homs.