Posted in Flagyl on September 18, 2015

Police in Malawi’s oriental district of Balaka is keeping in protection two people for allegedly operating clinics in the absence of licence.

Some of the medicine recovered

Some of the medicine recovered

Station Criminal Investigations Officer in favor of Balaka Police, Assistant Superintendent Maxwell Divala, says the police admitted a tip that the two, Mustafa Limbe (43) and Jones Malata (57) were doing the concern illegally in the area of Group Village Headman Kwitanda.

“Upon keen their respective houses which were used considered in the state of clinics, police found a lot of drugs and syringes; greatest number of which were government labeled,” he says.

The drugs that were recovered comprehend, Cotrimoxazole, Paracetamol, Flagyl, albendazole, ciprofloxacin, co-trimoxazole, gentamycin, quinine, tetracycline and people more including both used and untried syringes.

Both suspects are still in police safe-keeping and are expected to appear near the front of court soon where they will answer cases of operating clinics outside of licence and found in possession of healing drugs without licence which is in countervail to the pharmacy, medicines and Poisons Act number 15 of 1988.

Mustafa Limbe comes from Kwitanda hamlet while Jones Malata comes from Chinseu town all from Traditional Authority Msamala in the like district of Balaka

Meanwhile, the official In-charge Balaka Police Station Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Benfrey Kamanga has commended persons of Balaka for the tips and has promised to deal by every tip with speed.

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