Posted in Flagyl on September 12, 2015

I take had stomach pain for the highest 5 weeks. I can t taste and it wakes me up from lie in the grave multiple timess during the night to application the bathroom for diarrhea, loose evacuation. This last week I have besides started vomiting. I can t endure any food, the brat diet does not seem to work. Probiotic yogurts leave my carcass as fast as I can taste them. I am on Tecta, Cipro, and Flagyl. I commit to memory light to severe pain in the decrease stomach frequently throughout the day. This has made set time to day activities miserable and I often find my self just hunched in my vein waiting for the pain to render impassable. I have spoken to 4 unlike doctors and totaled over 15 visits to the learned man in the past month. I obtain had a blood test, stool experiment, and a urine test and they get indicated that a parasite is instant but the doctors repeatedly say rest, it will be over in a few days. It has been a month because that I heard that for the in the beginning time. Any advice on what my nearest steps should be would be useful. The stress is getting to me

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