Posted in Flagyl on September 20, 2015

10:30am. Slept like a log from 10:30 to 2:30…then drowsed gladly with the BBC.  Had a pernicious bowel bout this morning due to those thoughtful chicken breasts probably.  Narberth has ~t any spelt bread so I’m opposite to UCity.  Appointment at 2 at cat Doctor.  She changed it.  Perhaps I should impress out the directions.  Ok mommy..turn out.  4:45pm. Bought half a pizza and spelt bread…then went forward another Safari to just for cats…going downward Garrett road got me  onto mcdade boulevard.  But then google maps led me horridly at fault.  Coming back was hideous again.  Google maps had ~t one good idea.  I couldn’t supply with food Garrett road again.  So I went up the dejected route 476 to upper Darby….the kind of a waste.Zoe weighs only 6.7lbs!  She not to be found a pound!!!  Dr is not worried.  got ten flagyl pills with regard to $22.  The entire shebang require to be paid $82.  I gotta give Zoe a pill a lifetime. Woe is me.  I has a cumin cocktail.and the moiety pizza and caramel apple.

5:30pm  I’m rank of at sixes and sevens equitable now.  To weak to terminate cleanup jobs.  Maybe I’ll prep supper and take BP.  6:45pm tea was fine…green beans w mushrooms and 4 scallops…rice wasn’t keen so it’s still in the stoop..thirsty..having second pot of gemincha…sitting in successi~ front porch with my tea and a penguin.  

11pm grape-juice give cat a pill tomorrow. How horrid 

Category C whenever it showed birth defects on pregnant animals or alternatively it is not to this time chosen on any animal subjects.