Posted in Flagyl on October 29, 2015

The chiefly surreal thing is about to take place…I am officially starting IVF meds in the early part of the day.
I was supposed to start in conclusion Saturday,  but my body had other plans,  unhesitating to grow a few ovarian cysts and throw my estrogen levels abroad of whack.   So subsequently 12 straight nights of ganirelix injections (a medication used to “cast off” those estrogen producing cysts), my levels are at baseline and I was given the lawn light to start stims. 
So,  the kind of are “stims”, you ask? 
Well, stims are strong medications designed to stimulate your ovaries to unfold a large amount of follicles.
Every month there are many follicles in your ovaries bound only one will grow to filled size to them be ovulated.  The other follicles stay faint and do not grow to abounding size.  During preparation for IVF,  you bestow yourself daily injections to grow numerous company follicles.   Each follicle contains every egg and when they are the appropriate size and the time is just,  they will go in each take as many full sized eggs for the re~on that possible.
So tomorrow starts stims. 
Science is wild,  but I stand by a motto that keeps me in the “cautiously optimistic” belt while everyone is obsessing over me having gemini.
My motto is this: no substance how wonderful the technology,  for what cause advanced the scientific practices and protocols…*our bodies be under the necessity the final say*

I don’t esteem my chickens before their hatched and i won’t particular clause my eggs until they are retrieved. 

The feigning medication is very powerful and they have a mind watch my ovaries and hormone levels closely in the way that that I don’t “hyperstimulate”.  That is extremely bad and is a risk of the train.   That’s when your estrogen goes sky high and your ovaries make a twenty hundred gross of follicles that are only filed by fluid.  Significant illness ensues and everything gets place on an indefinite hold. 

So, tomorrow I rouse stims.  I will mix 6 slight viles of powdery potions together by liquid, draw it into a squirt and stab myself in the convexity.  
I also start 2 different antibiotics tomorrow,  one i consider to take with food twice a daytime and the other is also twice per day.  The latter is called Flagyl and whether you have even a sip of alcohol or even use an alcohol based side sanitizer, you will be violently crabbed without warning.  
So…that sounds pleasantry.   I better be ~ordinary extra careful.   No tastes!
(Tonight I had my darling fall/winter nightcap, an iron butterfly, since a send off into sobriety against the next year)
So we got injections,  we got antibiotics, and sooner or later I still have my regular meds,  my newly come synthroid med as well as prenatals and 81mg aspirin  (did u comprehend that one 81mg aspirin a time can help make your body greater degree ready and receptive to pregnancy? )
These meds are guaranteed to induce a strain on my physical and emotional soundness,  but I’m going to perform my best to still calm and relaxed.  
I last ~ and testament go back in Monday for vital current work to check hormone levels and for this reason back Wednesday for blood work and one ultrasound to check on the become greater of my little follicles.
After Wednesday,  I am not confident the plan.  We shall look!

So, I’m asking for lots of prayers,  dutiful vibes, positive thoughts and fingers and toes crossed that the next 5 days go well and like planned.   Because, like I related, my body has the final assume.  

Eek! It’s absolutely happening! 


WellPoint’s event, it appears as if Pfizer’s co-pay discount card worked against the branded remedy.