Posted in Flagyl on October 6, 2015

@heapsreal It’s taken me years to have ~ing able to build up to tolerating 2 ~light pulses of metronidazole. Slowly is ok notwithstanding that, and I’m gradually making merciful progress. I still can’t allow tinidazole at all, as it causes remoter too much die-off which my carcass can’t cope with. Many bestow find tinidazole more tolerable than metronidazole granting, so perhaps worth a try.

For detox: bath or footbath with Epsom salts, dry body brushing (in the sight of shower or bath), Burbur and Pinella (Nutramedix detox herbs), lemon fluid in water, Alka Selzer Gold (US reading), oil pulling.

The burbur and pinella are tinctures through alcohol, but it doesn’t incentive me any problems even when catching metronidazole. I leave them to stand in water (can use warm water if requisite) for a while before taking them.

The index below shows the standard reference ranges towards each type of test.