Posted in Flagyl on October 6, 2015

Is it normal to feel like crap on flagyl? Do others cherish a thought of it indicates some type of bacterial die done?

would someone without any infections would they feel a single one effects?

I dose once a age every so 0ften but 2 or greater amount of days in a row and be conscious of being like crap, not to different to the kind of I have read on cpn tribunal or lyme forums.

i take bactrim regularly to lay away sinusitis away which it has translated a good job. I also esteem thought it may help with some other undiagnosed infections common in cfs. Testing is untrustworthy and supposedly lyme doesn’t breathe in australia even though its been proven it does breathe with autopsies and blood sent overseas as being testing etc

Besides sinusitis , I be wrought up better on abx and add other abx every so often but flagyl knocks me encompassing. Is it indicating lyme, cpn or mycoplasma not piked up in testing???

Iodine is positively a halogen like Bromine and Fluorine and is truly a chemical element.