Posted in Flagyl on October 19, 2015

I happy started taking two prescriptions for the identical gastrointestinal disorder I had about four months ago: metronidazole (flagyl), and ciprofloxacin. The confederacy worked the last time this happened, with equal rea~n I am hoping for the most judicious. If it doesn’t work, I might have to up the prednisone.

I severely ever drink, but I am going out tonight and thought I might be obliged one beer. It says on the flagyl bottle not to drink pure spirit, but I didn’t know grant that it just reduced the efficacy or whether or not it was something worse.

I started to observe up in google,  “What happens while you drink alcohol with metronidazole,” and for example soon as I got to the vocable “with,” it filled the rest in because of me. Obviously this question has been asked in front of.

I’m glad I checked.

All sorts of horrible things choose happen.

According to Healthline, combining highly rectified spirit with this medicine can cause:

abdominal pain
nausea and vomiting
semblance redness

And, according to the Centers as antidote to Disease Control and Prevention, drinking spirits of wine within 24 hours of taking metronidazole increases your endanger of side effects. Potential life-commination side effects from this combination take in blood pressure changes, rapid heart cost, and liver damage.

As for the other physic, cipro, it’s hard to form out when to take it. You take human being tablet twice a day, with enough of water.

It says on the label, “Do not take antacids, iron, vitamin/inorganic body supplements within 6 hours before or  2 hours rear this medicine. It also says, “May source dizziness” and “avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to sunlight while taking this remedy.”

The latter presents a quandary. Next week is supposed to exist nice, and Wednesday will probably be the last chance to go to George’s clinic at the Canoe Club.

Should I stay or should I tolerate?

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