Posted in Flagyl on October 23, 2015

After my trial with Flagyl, my insurance forced me to wait not the same few days for the Vancomycin to exist approved. Sadly, I was only given 3 days character and was left with the toil of calling on Monday to basically implore for more. The stress I endured entirely resulted from the multiple phone calls to my security against loss, the gastroenterology department, and the hospital pharmacy (amazingly enough, they were the only place in township I could “score” my life-preserving prescription).
As a side note, I’m very certain life is a very despicable and vindictive lady. Yeah, I’m talking through you! 😛
So, because life hates me, during the time that per usual, I had to pay used up of pocket for a 7 daytime supply. No working meant no wealth coming in. This, in turn, made me actual anxious, stressed, and irritable, on top of the pre-existing depression and, well, solicitude. The subsequent refund, because the medication was medically indispensable thing, was also a pain in the ninny. to ask for and receive.
Luckily, the Vanco did the doubling and I felt a million periods better by the end of the manipulation. I still had (and have) some stomach upset and nausea on a quotidian basis, but another fecal test 2 weeks later showed no trace of C. Diff.
Thinking back, I positively thought I was dying. I have power to still remember the sadness and dismay I experienced when glued to the debase or toilet to vomit my entrails out. It was horrible. And, I trustful longing to God I never go end it again. Statistically, there is a comely chance I may have another turn of it in the future, goal I’m trying my best to have clear of antibiotics and be considered in the state of hygienic as possible. I still be the subject of no real answer as to for what cause I got it in the chief place; my trust in medical facilities has waned. All I can do is be wary and discreet since I now know better. I good wish more people were aware, on this account that C. Diff. is Hell.

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