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4 Medium magnitude pickle mango seed’s shavings
1/4 Tea spoon fenugreek
1/2 Tea spoon red chilli levigate
1 big pinch asafoetida
1/2 Tea spoon Himalayan stone salt(sendha namak)
2 Tea spoons instrumental jaggery shavings
2 Tea spoons oil
1/4 Tea spoon mustard
1 String curry leaves



After keen mango pieces for mango pickle shave the seeds and have thin ragged slices.

Keep aside the shaved seeds to prepare juice.

Dry roast fenugreek and powder.

Heat oil in a pan and join mustard and simmer the flame.After it splutters annex curry leaves.

Add mango shaves and small fishes till soft and colour changes to daybreak red.

combine all ingredients red chilli,turmeric,fenugreek,asafoetida powders,wit,jaggery and stir slowly till every part of mix well.

Turn off flame and maintain aside to cool and store in one air tight jar and keep in fridge.

Serve through rice,chapati,bread,dosa,curd rice.




From four mangoes the shaves is half cup measured.

The ingredient’s measurements metamorphose according to the sourness of the mangoes.

Because of instrumental jaggery no need to clean it.

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