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Dear Friends and Family,

Ponderizing as being this week: Alma 46:15. “And those who did belong to the house of god were faithful; yea, all those who were stanch believers in Christ took upon them, gladly, the individual of Christ, or Christians as they were called, for the cause that of their belief in Christ who should get to.”

General Conference was amazing! I lack to watch it again! I loved all the talks! We were able to got to the Temple this week! It was marvellous! I love the Temple so much!! It was very exciting! It’s been raining a lot. There’s a hurricane but it should miss us. How did y’the whole of like Conference? I feel like the theem was to what extent keeping the commandments makes us successful. Please remind me of upcoming birthdays. I was public recital in Genesis today about Noah and the ark. I cherish a thought of it is intresting how old the Bible says they lived to subsist back than. This week was like Christmas through the Temple and General Conferanceso shut up together. I needed that. I trustful longing you all got to watch. If not and plane if you did, go back and practise ~ing it. 🙂

“I love to see the place of worship.

I’m going there someday

To ~ of the Holy Spirit,

To listen and to importune.

For the temple is a commercial establishment of God,

A place of fondness and beauty.

I’ll prepare myself while I am young;

This is my consecrated duty.
I love to see the fane.

I’ll go inside someday.

I’ll cov’nant by my Father;

I’ll promise to obey.

For the temple is a holy place

Where we are sealed in concert.

As a child of God, I’ve learned this truth:

A fam’ly is world.”


Sister Kimberly Galloway

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