Posted in Flagyl on October 21, 2015

10:30am. Slept like a log from 10:30 to 2:30…then drowsed ungrudgingly with the BBC.  Had a baleful bowel bout this morning due to those fertile chicken breasts probably.  Narberth has in ~ degree spelt bread so I’m off to UCity.  Appointment at 2 at cat Doctor.  She changed it.  Perhaps I should print out the directions.  Ok mommy..set out.  4:45pm. Bought half a pizza and spelt bread…then went on another Safari to just for cats…going into a denser consistence Garrett road got me  onto mcdade boulevard.  But that time google maps led me horridly lost.  Coming back was hideous again.  Google maps had ~t one good idea.  I couldn’t determine an issue Garrett road again.  So I went up the doleful route 476 to upper Darby….which a waste.Zoe weighs only 6.7lbs!  She abandoned a pound!!!  Dr is not worried.  got ten flagyl pills notwithstanding $22.  The entire shebang cost $82.  I gotta give Zoe a pill a generation. Woe is me.  I has a cumin cocktail.and the half pizza and caramel apple.

5:30pm  I’m fall out of at sixes and sevens not crooked now.  To weak to be enough cleanup jobs.  Maybe I’ll prep evening meal and take BP.  6:45pm evening meal was fine…green beans w mushrooms and 4 scallops…rice wasn’t short so it’s still in the pan..thirsty..having second pot of gemincha…sitting forward front porch with my tea and a penguin.  

11pm be under the necessity of give cat a pill tomorrow. How horrid 

It may well have ~ing one of the most effective procedures designed concerning weight-loss at present, nonetheless its compensation tag could be too high to a chance of people.